Mindfulness Cycling 4/14

Lately, I feel that there has been too much anger and divisiveness. This is probably only in my mind, but it’s something that I have been feeling.

Perhaps some of it stems from the misuse of a Dalai Lama quote to advocate against safety improvements for cyclists.

Seriously, I’m not making this up.

“Geez. I could’ve saved myself a lot of work and just quoted the Dalai Lama.

‘When you think everything is someone else’s fault, you will suffer a lot. When you realize that everything springs only from yourself, you will learn both peace and joy.'”

I really wanted to respond to this, but I have held myself back for many reasons, but overall, I would like to see more peace and joy and less nonsense.

Or it could have been increased verbal attacks on cyclists by motorists who would like cycling to be made as dangerous as possible by the state then to argue that we all have a “choice” to cycle. Ug.

Or even the retarded notion that I am supposed to say “freedom” instead of “choice” because the anti-abortion but pro-cycling people will be offended. Double Ug.

So I continue my attempt to get all Fourteen Mindfulness Verses and relate them to cycling.

The Fourth Mindfulness Training: Awareness of Suffering

This one is really hard for me because I think that suffering really sucks, and it’s hard for me to “come home to it” as this verse asks.

My usual pain since having a dream SO, dream job, and living in my dream location has been boredom. This is kind of lame, but most of my life’s suffering has been really lame–I never really suffered. This actually makes things worse because it makes me feel guilty for feeling bad about nothing.

This boredom and success lead to my mid-life crisis (MLC). I think tha this is because I had spent my whole life fighting the world, and once things became perfect, it was too much to bear. I had to create some problems for myself.

The worst time I had was when I had to stop meditating as a form of refuge–or escape from suffering. This was due to the mania of having too much joy and bliss. I knew that I was set to fall, but I chose to continue anyway.

Other mediators told me to cultivate equanimity, but I failed at this despite my (feeble) attempts.

Thus my main refuge now is television, alcohol and physical pleasure (hello surfing and cycling). On the other hand, I know that meditation has to be a part of my life.

On the plus side, my princess has read my mind, and freed me from pain, mainly by listening deeply to me and by being there for me as a stable rock that I know will be there for me.

Cycling is the kind of thing that I do so much that I don’t think much of it, but when I think about not having it in my life, that is a sort of suffering.

All the other stuff has been self-created, and I fixed most of it with time and _Feeling Good_.

I have come to the conclusion that the main meditation that I’m going to work on for the next year is Loving Kindness, which I blogged about earlier. This is helping a great deal. Also, what helps is working on my novel which is really total self-indulgence.

At this point, my main source of sorrow and rage is the anti-cycling nonsense which I probably should not read, but I seem to have some kind of fatal attraction to that.

Fortunately (or perhaps the opposite) everyone currently left in my life is very pro-cycling.

Anyway, this was fun but difficult to write about.

This is a huge topic, so there will be much more, hopefully stuff that’s less personal and more useful to the general readers.


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