24 Hour Fitness Joke (Not!)

Before I start, I’ll make this clear that I LOVE riding outside, and subjectively, I have no problems with my commute; it’s a daily joy to me. However, I’m not the only person in the world and thus this post.

Besides the motorist’s one joke, there’s another joke that’s really stale and even less funny because it’s not true.

That’s the one about where I bike past 24 Hour Fitness each day, and there’s all these people who drive so they can ride the excercise bikes inside.

Why not ride a bike, it’s the same thing but better.


No it’s not.

Here’s the Bizarro 24 Hour Fitness aka the indoor version of riding on the streets for excercise.

We have the same excercise bikes, but we’re going to take away the TV and music.

OK, that’s not so bad, but we’re going to yell at each person who tries to listen to his own music for “putting his life in his own hands.”

Not only does our friend get shamed for listening to some music–a harmless thing to do–but we’re going to play an endless stream of annoying motor sounds.

Next we’re going to pump the whole room full of noxious smoke.

Finally, every now and then–not too often, but just enough to have fun–we’re going to shoot a cycling customer in the face.

And best of all, if the customer lives to complain, we’ll blame him.

Shouldn’t have rode the excercise bikes!

And that my friend is the difference between riding in a comfortable and quiet car to sweat on an excercise bike and the version where you get out there on the streets.

I prefer to ride to work but it’s NOT the same, and I do not mock those for riding excercise bikes. (I do mock the customers for many other things, though.) 😛


2 Responses to “24 Hour Fitness Joke (Not!)”

  1. Steve A Says:

    I LOVE riding my bike to 24 Hour Fitness and have made several posts about the interrelationships between gyms and cycling. Omitting the extra time to go work out allows a net time savings for cycling to work versus driving. A favorite analysis is at http://dfwptp.blogspot.com/2010/12/bike-commuting-may-not-save-dollars-but.html

    Yes, I admit that I DO like math!

    • Fred Says:

      I LOVE math, too!

      Also, there’s nothing wrong with riding to the gym; I prefer it when ppl ride, but I just wanted to point out that it’s not equivalent in terms of SEC compared w/ a gym bike.

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