Yoga and Cycling: Two Great Tastes!

I have never taken a yoga class.

That didn’t stop HR, for a year after I was hired, from introducing me to each and every person as someone who does yoga.

This didn’t bother me because I’d much, much like being called the yoga guy rather than the bike guy. This is not unlike a dad who has his baseball mitt in his car and is called the “baseball guy” instead of Dale Earnhardt Jr. 🙂

Also, I do walk around with a pink yoga mat, but this is for meditation, and many people don’t know the difference.

LTRs know that I often meditate and bicycle.

Now, there’s a book and a blog on yoga!

I am so getting this book because finally, I’ll have a yoga routine that I have time for.

I originally, learned about yoga and cycling from a friend who taught me some basic stretches that allowed her to ride for miles without getting sore or tight. I do some of them all the time especially standing up, while going downhill, to stretch my hamstrings.

I have not read this book, yet, but I am so going to get a copy–I have not been this excited about a book for a long time.


4 Responses to “Yoga and Cycling: Two Great Tastes!”

  1. Steve A Says:

    One of the most evil bits of cycling advice I EVER saw was that you should take karate in order to learn to fall properly. To this day, I wonder if it might help. I really can’t see how karate can help my cleats unclip any better. Still, perhaps? At least yoga offers no such wonder prescription.

    • Fred Says:

      I’ll write more about this, but it seems that people either plan too much for unlikely events or too little.

      The probability of an event has little to do with how much they panic.

      For my last fall, neither karate nor a helmet would have done much good. I fell too fast; I was on the ground before I knew it. My helmet was in pieces, though. My head was fine. My helmet didn’t “save” me by falling apart, it was on my handle bars! 🙂

      I consider the constant obsession with bicycle crashes to be really depressing and unnecessary.

      I do apprecaite Ted Rogers because he’s the news for So. Cal, but man, bad accidents in cycling are rare especially when we are separated from cars (which do crash quite often).

  2. Steve A Says:

    I seem to fall a couple of times a year. The most recent time was in June:

    My personal record was a half dozen falls one morning in February 2011. I guess I’m more clumsy than some; particularly on black ice. For myself, falls don’t seem unlikely.

    • Fred Says:

      Well, I won’t judge. On the other hand, your many falls make falling less likely statistically.

      Black ice is the worst, and totally unavoidable.

      I would NEVER suggest that people put themselves at more risk.

      I am just against compulsory helmet laws.

      Furthermore, I wonder if better infrastructure would help.

      In CPH, they plow their bike lanes FIRST and thus black ice would have been much less of a problem.

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