Repost: Madness Defined

I loved this link .

At War with the Motorist is one of the best cycling blogs.

Here’s my favorite bit:

“The idea that somehow physical engineering is difficult and expensive and unpopular, while changing human behaviour is quick, easy, cheap and effective, is one that the British are remarkably strongly attached to.”

This is brilliant because it’s obvious that if people are willing to change the way that they live their lives, they would totally be willing to spare no time nor money at all for proper cycling infrastructure.

Thus, it’s clear to prove that those who are opposed to infrastructure are not going to be good citizens on the roads. Ever.

On the contrary, those who are willing to wait for cyclists, to not buzz us, and so on, invariably tend to support protecting us through government money.

Plus, this comment struck me as spot on:

“Certainly ‘vehicular cycling’ amd ‘educating motorists’ (sans real legal penalties, vigorously enforced) simply don’t work at all as a solution, because they are rather obviously fatally flawed in theory and falsified in practice. Its a bad-faith alternative suggested by those who don’t want to admit they don’t want to do anything at all.”

Good job, WOTM.


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