Cyclists Miss Less Work?

Recently I had a conversation with a “friend” who was trying to coerce me to buy a car.

I had made the HUGE mistake of mentioning the incident where a co-worker emailed us that he was late for because of traffic. I said that I never think that’s an excuse. Well, she thought it was perfectly reasonable to be late due to traffic because it’s beyond one’s control. I realized that I don’t think this way. I try to give myself a time buffer in case I have to make a bike repair on the way.
She thought that this was ridiculous! Well, I didn’t and this started getting me thinking of a simple experiment:

I think that 50% of emails I get are based on car troubles. I almost
NEVER miss work due to bike troubles. I’ll catch a ride or fix it at
lunch or something, but not on work time.

Anyway here’s a recent email:

“Transmission getting bad. I’ll be out for a while getting it at least
diagnosed.  I’ll be back if I can.”

Wow, I’ll be back if I can.

I’d like to see a survey which compares time missed by motorists due
to car problems and cyclists due to bike troubles…

Also lateness for cycling vs. motorists. If put into the media,
perhaps a bike will be a plus for a job interview and not a black mark
against one.


2 Responses to “Cyclists Miss Less Work?”

  1. Steve A Says:

    I was late for work the morning earlier this year when I had four flats. I was also late when I went downtown for “Bike to Work” day before going to work. About 15 minutes late in each case, though the second one was pre-announced to my coworkers so it’d be more akin to letting people know if one was dropping a car off for routine service.

  2. Fred Says:

    I know, you _can_ be late, but the point is were you more late when you drove or when you biked?

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