Making Legal Cycling Practical

We all know that as cyclists, we should always follow the traffic laws. But there are many cases when this is hard or impossible to do so. For example, in many places there is a magic sensor that easily detects cars, but it’s a black art to make them work with a bicycle–when they detect bikes at all.

Thus, _before_ we ticket another cyclists and slander her good name with scofflaw, it only makes sense that the framework for her to practically follow the laws is in place.

Here’s my plan:

1. All lights are timed. No more sensors. Now cyclists can wait knowing that eventually they will get the light. Activating sensors is too hard and often requires us to go to places in the lane we don’t want to be in. So let us stay in our “bike lane” and out of the way.

2. Traffic fines are increased to the list cost of resale value of the vehicle that broke them.

3. In streets where there are two or more lanes, instead of useless “Use full lane” twaddle, we actually enforce a speed limit of fifteen miles per hour in the left lane, only. This is now the “bike lane”, shared lane, or whatever else we want to call it. Fines for speeding are priced at point two above.

No education is needed just lots of enforcement which will now pay for itself. No lines or signs are needed, just a few media announcements.

With these simple changes, cycling without breaking the laws will actually be possible for the first time.


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