Why Cycling is Vital

The idea out there is that the whole point of cycling infrastructure is to get the government to spend good money on the sport and hobby of the very few.

This view is highly wrong for several reasons.

First of all, due to the Tea Party, we are all about efficiency and saving money. Cycling solves five vital needs in the most cost efficient manner.

These needs are: transportation, health, safety, cost savings and fun.

First of all, transportation by bicycle is the most efficient in terms of money and time.

The only barrier for it is the massive amount of government spending on infrastructure that impedes cycling.

That’s right, it’s not that we need money for cycling, it’s that we need money to mitigate the problems that government spending and regulations have caused. This costs pennies on the dollar for cycling compared with other transportation.

The big impediments for people cycling are: the dangers of high speed traffic, lack of direct cycling routes, the vast amount of space that’s wasting on parking and inefficient zoning.

Government created the problem, but government is the only possible solution as they still control the roads and zoning regulations that hold us back.

Motoring is highly, highly inefficient. It has sucked up almost one hundred percent of the federal budget for decades. What do they have to show for it? When you speak to a motorist, you only hear complaints about not enough parking and too much congestion. When will things be perfect? How many more billions before we get it right?

Give cycling the motoring money, for a year, and we’ll never need that much money again. Transportation costs, per average person will go down, forever.

Second is safety. Motoring kills the most number of people. That’s a fact. If one percent of the population drove and the rest rode bicycles, there would be far fewer deaths by traffic incidents. Cycling accidents are much less lethal when a motor vehicle is not involved. Again, most motoring deaths occur to those INSIDE a car.

Again, we don’t wish to promote cycling rather we wish the government spend less money promoting motoring.

This will also help with national security. Think of the traffic jams during the hurricane Katrina. If all those refugees were on bicycles, the traffic tie up would not have occurred and lives would have been lost.

Again, we can still have motoring, when necessary, as an option. But motoring plus cycling are more efficient than motoring alone.

Third is health. This should be obvious. We have a massive health care bill each year and this would be much lower if we were healthier. Cycling helps with some of the more expensive costs such as heart disease and diabetes each of which kill more Americans than all transportation incidents combined.

Fourth, cycling much, much less than motoring so the net cost savings for each household should be very high if the government did less to discourage cycling.

Finally, fun is more important than we think. Americans spend a great deal of their paychecks on entertainment. Cycling costs much less than many other forms of entertainment. Furthermore, it one can combine one’s exercise, transportation and entertainment in one activity which is highly efficient.

Thus, cycling serves American needs in many ways. These needs are bi-partisan, there is no debate that these needs have to be served.

We should ask ourselves, should we continue to suffer higher bills, more deaths, worse health, and less fun due to an antiqued view of cycling?


2 Responses to “Why Cycling is Vital”

  1. Steve A Says:

    Actually, all the government spending stuff aside, a bike rack at the IGA would be a major improvement. I’d even settle for one as lousy as the one at the Government-run Post Office. The shopping cart rack out in the middle of the car parking lot is simply not good enough. Last I checked, the Tea Party did not oppose bike racks at the IGA.

  2. Fred Says:

    Government spending and regulation is the whole point.

    Why is there a parking lot in front of IGA? I bet there are parking regulations for MOTORING only.

    My plan would REDUCE government spending.

    Also, I consider hatred of the US government to be very offensive. Not totally treasonous, but border line Anti-Americanism that the Republican party, my party is doing all the time.

    Why do so many Americans hate America?

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