Helmets: Waste of Energy?

Here’s a stupid post (CDC).

There are lots of facts here, but in my own confirmational methods, I have found only two salient facts.

One, what is likelihood, of those with brain injury, of being on a biycle at the time of injury?

Seven. That’s percent.

Thus, you are much more likely than NOT to have a head injury when NOT riding a bicycle! This means that instead of mandatory cycling helmet laws, I feel you should only have to wear a helmet when NOT riding a bike because you are more likely to come to harm. This is pretty obvious enough to be argued to death by those who don’t get stats.

Second, if you are on a bicyle and die, what’s the chance that a motor vehicle was involved? Ninety percent.

Again, most likely to die by getting hit by a car. Quick, from this page, what does the CDC not care about? That’s right, the deadliest thing to cyclists. No care for that, zero concern on making cars slow down or stop them all together from hitting us.

Instead the tired request that we legislate a piece of stupid plastic on our heads.

Finally, the talked about standards for cycling helmets. For one, I don’t think that most helmets are of the Snell standard which is for motorcycle helmets. Second, even motor bike helmets are mostly useless in high speed collisions, the ones we actually care about because they are the ones that maim and kill. Most of high speed head injury is INSIDE the head not outside due to decelleration. NO HELMET can save you from inertia in your own head.


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