BDS: Bicycle Derangement Syndrome

This is a disorder found in the uneducated who feel that anything associated with cycling is automatically politically charged and dangerous.

Take any case and add a bicycle and people go nuts!

Example, last year, I was merging into traffic that was all but stopped. There were lots of cars a motorist’s way doing crazy shit. I signal to merge and she freaks out on me. Look, lady, there’s trucks that’ll pulverize your car, but if you want to waste your energy on me, well, that’s BDS.

Or if there are kids running in the street to an SUV–true story–the mom was OK with that. Then I slow down to pass the SUV and “WAAAAATCH OUT FOR THAT BIKE!!” No mention of all the insane traffic that was coming out of the blind spot beneath the arch on the Prado. Just the insane bike which was all ready slowing down to avoid getting hit by kids or SUV.

Or if there’s tons and tons of traffic laws being broken: a stop sign being treated like NASCAR starting gate, and suddenly I STOP next to a car which rolls a stop sign then I keep going. Who gets harassed? The cyclist because he didn’t put his foot on the ground.

If a car hits a pedestrian, the ped is “jaywalking” but a cycle hits and pedestrian and we need a crack down.

Cars, driving into gas stations and parking lots, routinely ride on the sidewalk at high speeds. Yet there’s NO ban on sidewalk driving only on sidewalk riding which is annoying, but much less dangerous.

If someone gets hit by a car and they are on a bicycle, they are immediately suspected of “being in the way” or some of nonsense no matter what the facts are. While a cyclist bleeds to death there are all ready calls of taking action against the “scofflaw cyclist”.

Any time I take an overnight bike ride for camping, I am immediately questioned about what political cause I’d like to further. It just “makes sense” to see nature in an artificial box.

Any law or legal help for cyclists is immediately assumed to be far left wing, part of the Democratic party, the EU, and yes, even a Communist Plot. Do the same thing in a care, and it’s a-OK.

There are many other examples, but now we have the terminology for it. Remember she who argues quickest argues best. And we are reduced to three letters.

BDS (bicycle derangement syndrome) and BBF (blame bicycles first) forever!!


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