Jump on the (Rad) Wagon for Good Critiques

Finally, we get a great critique of cycling infrastructure!

For years, I have felt that the microscopic views of VC advocates could be a tremendous asset to making cycling infrastructure better and safer.

But instead of focusing on ridability of the infrastructure we get bizarre reading of laws and standards as well as fear-mongering which is intended to squash infrastructure all together.

This has polarised the community and put the pro-infrastructure camp on edge because any small problem we have with infrastructure will be seized upon the the VC camp and used to squash it all together.

This means that we have to swallow shit “improvements” like sharrows.

No longer. Rad Wagon has tossed down the gauntlet in a well written post. I’d like to see much more quality critiques like this which includes highly inexpensive and super-simple solutions.

Thanks for making the point that infrastructure itself is a good idea, but it’s usually done half-assed in the US.

The way out is better infrastructure. But thanks to our neighbourhood Quislings, we are about thirty years behind with shit infrastructure to fulfilled the self-fulfilling prophesies of doom.

Hi Johns.


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