Brilliant Flying Pigeon on Privitization

I so loved this post:

It’s been saying what I have been trying to say, but better.

“Yet cycling in particular is the most efficient of all transport modes: not just because it uses less energy per passenger-mile than even walking does, but because it takes up so little space, and requires so little capital investment in general, that providing for mobility through cycling is the cheapest of all the ways you can spend tax money on transport.”

Compare and contrast to this drivel:

“The vestiges of what’s to come are seen through (non)organizations like Anonymous, licensed driverless cars, and cyborgs in the Olympics; but we are just at the tip of the iceberg.
It seems like everyone who’s not a “bike nut” really does not promote cycling at all even if they are green or futuristic.”

I think that’s because bicycling is not sexy.

In one sense, cyclists, once cleaned up, are sexier. However, I mean that the whole idea of cycling is so old and obvious that most people don’t see it as something that they need to talk about. It’s “old news” in our news cycle.

So instead of a simple bicycle, they are wasting money on “driverless cars”.

The future is here and the answers are obvious, and I think that makes things no fun which is why there’s not more talk of cycling as transportation.


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