Another Study Shows that Bike Lanes are Safe

We know that we can’t judge anything by a single study.

However, this study suggests that bike lanes are NOT super dangerous like the VC crowd says. Bike lanes do get more people biking and despite the fact that more “fearful” people are riding bikes, they are not getting any more hurt than those who are timid and do not “assert their right to the road.”

Thus, there is a justification for more bike lanes.

Additionally, the higher traffic flow that some VC people claim that bike lanes cause did not seem to cause more injuries.

Injuries due to getting hit by a car are higher and I did not see any incidence of fatalities. It’s a known fact that in many cities the fatalities are much higher on the roadway than on sidewalks, bike lanes, and the shoulder combined.

Finally, the door zone, which seems like an added risk did not seem to injure cyclists more than them being rear ended.


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