Bicycles “Belong” in the Street: My Response

Many think that “cyclists belong in the street”, but this is just another belief. It certainly does not feel safer to ride there nor is it pleasant. It’s also not always legal.

Also, when I ride in the street motorists–right before buzzing me to teach me a lesson–tell me to get on the sidewalk because “cyclists are a dangerous nuisance in the street”.

So why are motorists wrong and you are right?

Most recent San Diego bicycle deaths were by people who rode lawfully, in the street. I don’t know a single death that occured on a sidewalk here ever. Cops don’t ticket sidewalk riding, and no pedestrians bitches at me when I ride on the sidewalk which is probably b/c I dismount and walkt past them instead of yelling at them. You failed to show one advantage to riding in the street except for speed and I am highly against speed because speed kills.

We should probably all just stop riding bikes altogether because pedestrians hate us, motorists hate us, and the government facitiltates our deaths then protects our killers.

Fuck it, I’m getting a semi! Look at how powerful the truck lobby is. Now they have some major balls unlike most cyclists advocates who are constanly trying to suck up to people who will never like them.

Truckers don’t give a fuck–and they get their way.


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