Bikes: Left of the Dial

Am I the only person who is totally sick of the lack of mention of bicycles when talking about green transportation?

I’m so, so sick of it.

Here’s an example:

Why are we even wasting money on green vehicles when they still force someone to sit inside and become a fatass, they take up as much space as a car, and they do more to shift pollution rather than eliminate it?

I was so excited to read about the “Green Illusion” of electric cars, but then there’s nary a mention of bicycles as an alternative.

I know that many fear to combine cycling with environmentalism, but overall, everyone cares about the environment.

Sure there are idiots out there who have been programmed, like dogs, to salivate whenever they hear the phrase “global warming”, but overall, we all do not like to breathe smog nor eat poison otherwise, we’d be dead.

While I realize that the tea bagger movement is making political hay out of going against anything that’s even vaguely intelligent, the benefits of cycling, to me are so profound and obvious, that I can not understand how someone mentioning green travel will ignore them.

Give us a bone, at least a tiny sentence.



2 Responses to “Bikes: Left of the Dial”

  1. Steve A Says:

    From one you castigate as a “Teabagger:” They put in another bike rack at work after I told them I was going to start locking my bike to their “green” charging stations otherwise. Activism is not only limited to lefty socialists. Sorry if I’m not vaguely intelligent enough to suit you. I will try to remember your mode next time I wait with my bike for the left turn signal to turn green. Sheesh…

    • Fred Says:

      Steve, we’re all still learning.

      I have no problem with smaller govt and self reliance but the tea bagger movement is high inconsistent. Surely you know this.

      I’m sorry for calling you stupid, if I did, I write so much nonsense that I forget what I write. Yes, my writing is highly emotional, but I’m here to fill the gap in cycling blogging.

      I feel that most people who are for infrastructure are way, way, too nice and thus they get tricked and run rough shod over by the tiny minority of cyclists who, like me, ride long enough to forget how scary, noisy, and dangerous it all _feels_ to a newbie.

      My goal is to help those whom the VCers call stupid and fearful by making cycling slower, quieter, and more comfortable.

      The fact is that the VC crew and the infrastructure crew are so far apart, they actually are enemies. Again, tricks from the VC camp pushes their agenda forward. Meanwhile, the infrastructure NEVER gets built.

      I want cycle tracks everywhere. No less. If there’s any kind of motoring allowed somewhere, I want a complete cycle track by blowing out an entire travel lane to build it. This will not cost a single dime more than the normal design. Heck let’s blow out two lanes to build counter flow cycle tracks.

      This position is not negotiable. I am interested in little else regarding cycling advocacy.

      But yes, I do consider bike parking to be infrastructure, and I’m impressed that you got it built.

      Usually, the VC crew says that they should do everything cycling, only, DIY, while ignoring how pampered and catered to motorists are.

      I didn’t realize that the anti-infrastructure bent did not apply to cycling parking.

      In the future, I’ll try to be more careful not to presume your opinions.

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