Cyclists Vs. Pedestrians

Like everywhere else, where you’d think that we’d find the biggest kinship, you often find the most discord.

First of all, I am going to, on behalf of ALL WORLD CYCLISTS, to apologize for us behaving like dicks. There, I said it. You have a formal apology. Can we please move on now?

Second, I will call ALL WORLD CYCLISTS to please, please, for the love of God and everything that’s holy and profane to stop behaving like a dick. Really stop.

Stop road racing. Get a track. If you’re too poor for that, work a second shift. Stop treating mixed use trails like a velodrome.

And for crying out loud DON’T YELL AT CHILDREN!! WTF! This so enraged me:

(as usual thanks Ted for writing my blog for me)

OK, happy?

We got that out of the way now.

Here’s the problem: “Why is it that when somebody complains to me about outdoor manners, it’s usually about road cyclists or mountain bikers?

I’m not saying that all mountain bikers are bullies. The overwhelming majority would rather crash into cactus than harm anyone.

But if there’s a problem, it always seems to involve a mountain biker or roadie scaring someone on horseback or foot.”

I imagine a really high pitched, whiny Chris Rock voice, “why are ONLY cyclists dicks? Why is just cyclists?”

OK, again, all apologies for the past and vows of patience, and kindness for the future, but you asked.

I don’t lecture people, but occasionally, I’ll answer a question.


PEOPLE ON BICYCLES SEEM LIKE DICKS BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO WHERE TO RIDE! (Note I did NOT say “cyclists”? That’s because they don’t exist. Cyclists are more likely to have cars than no cyclists so I could have accurately said, motorists who happen to be on a bike at the time.)

That’s right, I said it. Cyclists are forced to share space with pedestrians. Since we are stuck together and we move at differing speeds, we’ll get conflicts.


Thus, what I said above. On a bike, you gotta yield for pedestrians.

“But, but, you say, there was a lot of bad bikers.”


OK, so there are nice cyclists out there.

But if you want to get the dicks away from you, you need to advocate for cycling areas, only. Then when we get them, STAY OFF THEM.

That’s right, pedestrians (who usually motor) argue against cycling stuff. Then when cyclists get a tiny trail built, the motorist/pedestrians want to park and walk a few feet all the while bitching about how the “bike are ruining nature.” We are not ruining nature. Mountain bikers, as a group, are preservationists. They happen to attract a few dicks. Sorry. We can’t do anything about it except what I’m doing here.

If you really care about nature, STOP BRINGING YOUR SMELLY SUV TO NATURE. Or just ignore me and bring it anyway. I really don’t care.

Would I ride an SUV to nature? Yes! But I won’t be a hypocrite by whining about cyclists, horses, pedestrians, and no, I will NOT complain about children.

On the other hand, I do question the sanity of their parents.

Would you let your kids play in a busy street? No. Should the cars stop for your kid? Yes. Why don’t you put them in street then?

Because it’s really stupid.

In some ways, multi-use paths, get treated, by default, because the motoring aliens gave us nothing else, like streets. You don’t like it, I don’t like it. Spend more on cycling or leave us alone. I’m stuck on a path with pedestrians and dogs. These people generally have no sense of their own safety nor my own. I tend to slow down to a track stand when I’m around them.

But I really do wish that they would treat me with a tiny bit more of respect rather than a dangerous nuisance.


6 Responses to “Cyclists Vs. Pedestrians”

  1. Steve A Says:

    “Why is just cyclists?”

    PERHAPS it is because vehicles (objects with wheels) simply do not belong on pavements containing the word “walk,” – even if they claim to yield to people walking and stop at every driveway and corner. Even if they are afraid of the other choice in our own real world. In short, people on wheels on sidewalks ARE “a dangerous nuisance.” To themselves and to a lot of others. As for me, “I’ll take Texas.”

  2. Fred Says:

    You say that cyclists don’t belong in the street, but when I ride in the street motorists–right before buzzing me to teach me a lesson–tell me to get on the sidewalk because “cyclists are a dangerous nuisance in the street”.

    So why are motorists wrong and you are right?

    Most recent San Diego bicycle deaths were by people who rode lawfully, in the street. I don’t know a single death that occured on a sidewalk here ever. Cops don’t ticket sidewalk riding, and no pedestrians bitches at me when I ride on the sidewalk which is probably b/c I dismount and walkt past them instead of yelling at them. You failed to show one advantage to riding in the street except for speed and I am highly against speed because speed kills.

    We should probably all just stop riding bikes altogether because pedestrians hate us, motorists hate us, and the government facitiltates our deaths then protects our killers.

    Fuck it, I’m getting a semi! Look at how powerful the truck lobby is. Now they have some major balls unlike most cyclists advocates who are constanly trying to suck up to people who will never like them.

    Truckers don’t give a fuck–and they get their way.

  3. Steve A Says:

    I’ll share the road with a professional long-haul trucker any day of the week over a texting Prius driver. Professional truckers are the most careful and courteous people around cyclists of any motorists on the road. They DO give a darn. It is how they make their living. Now local truckers and white pickups – not so much.

  4. Fred Says:

    Steve, Steve, Steve. For the love of God and everything that is holy: there’s this magic site that answers your questions. I can debunk almost any piece of nonsense in about 5 minutes:

    “In 2000, there were 4,930 large trucks involved in fatal crashes, 101,000 large trucks involved
    in injury crashes, and 351,000 large trucks involved in property damage-only crashes for a total
    of 457,000 large trucks involved in crashes. Large trucks are defined as trucks with a gross
    vehicle weight of at least 10,000 pounds.”

  5. Steve A Says:

    Interesting site, but it supports my contention. Specifically, in the conclusions, the report states:

    “approximately 10 times as many fatalities result in sideswipe opposite direction crashes where the passenger vehicle encroached into the truck’s lane, compared to sideswipe opposite direction crashes where the truck encroached into the passenger vehicle’s lane. This might suggest that the drivers of the passenger vehicles are somewhat more reckless or over confident than the large truck drivers.”

    In other words, it is the Prius driver that we cyclists need to watch for.

    • Fred Says:

      Um, no, both can kill you.

      If you are completely fine with the massive amount of carnage that trucks do each year, then we have no common ground at all.

      It’s like we are two different beings entirely.

      I make mistakes all the time. You are apparantly perfect.

      Thus, it’s _me_ that I need to look out for. I do this by asking for things to be made safely around me.

      I know you don’t believe me, but I do believe I”m the safest and most courteous driver on the road.

      This does NOT make me feel safe nor does it give me hope.

      I have been buzzed by very large trucks all the fucking time. So did Keri and she admitted this on her blog. There is NOTHING you can do about it except for die.

      Now’s the time to act. Let’s make local trips in cities with smaller trucks and get the big and dangerous trucks OUT of our neighborhoods.

      They’d be quieter and calmer and I believe safer, but you seem to think that truckers are infallible instead of normal humans like me. Of yeah, you’re infallible. Well good for you. Too made that matters very, very little when riding on the roads for your own safety.

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