The Traffic Genie I

Before we have this post, I’d like to link to a amazing list of all the objections and their answers (Thanks Ted).

This is the most comprehensive list of answersw to motorist’s objections to cycling I ever saw.

Here’s the thought experiment. Answers are based upon the most common things that I have personally heard online.

Imagine there is a Traffic Genie in front of you. He is offering you three wishes for the future of transportation. What do you choose?

“All cyclists follow all traffic laws and to ride on the sidewalk.”

** Ting **

Your wish is granted.

I predict that this is going to very little impact on traffic because most of it is based upon the mass of ALL THE CARS ON THE ROAD. But hey, it’s not my wish.

Also, now we won’t have to hear any more whining from motorists any more about how they hate cyclists because they are FOLLOWING ALL YOUR RULES. Thus, cyclists have the moral high ground.

Every single time a cyclists is hit by a car, we know with 100% certainty that the cyclist did NOT make a mistake.

On the other hand, most cyclists deaths recently have been by cyclists who have been riding legally, so this isn’t going to be silver bullet to make things safer for cyclists. I think that things will not change for safety much. On the other hand, cycling on the sidewalk is far slower so commute times will go up. Many cyclists will quit so that traffic will actually increase, but only slightly so nobody will notice.

In fact, no motorist will notice cyclists at all so they will stop whining about them or thinking about them. In a year, the most rabid anti-cyclists will be back to their baseline happiness.

On the other hand, pedestrians are even more fed up. They wish that cyclists get into the streets (too bad, peddy, no wish for you!) 🙂

Overall, not much will change at all.

Good job wasting a wish.

Next luck next time.


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