SEC: Safety

Long time readers (LTRs) should be bored so you can skip this one if you are a LTR.

I have posted before that I don’t care about safety.

This isn’t totally true.

I hate _feeling_ unsafe.

As far as “being” unsafe, it’s kind of hard to know when this is really objectively true especially when we have debates as to whether it would be safer to ride on a totally protected bike path which has no motoring traffic anywhere near it or whether it’s safer to mix it up as I pedal along at eight miles per hour as trucks road by me at fifty plus.

No, if the latter is safety, then I don’t give a shit about safety at all.

I do want to feel that I am protected by the government which has “vowed to protect us”:

“Bush told a southwestern Michigan audience of nearly 2,500 — the largest he has addressed in the United States since leaving the White House in January — that, after the September 11 attacks, “I vowed to take whatever steps that were necessary to protect you.””

Senator Obama applauded the decision and said the following:

“Today’s Supreme Court decision ensures that we can protect our nation and bring terrorists to justice, while also protecting our core values.”

For me, the biggest threat to my personal safety are automobiles, which is why Obama has outlawed them as part of his socialist agenda.

Oops, he wants to build more!

“The study helps explain the impasse in Washington as President Barack Obama calls for transportation investments: Many lawmakers agree on the need for more highway spending but are averse to taking politically risky steps to raise funding.”

At any rate. If these dangerous roads are being built, I suggest we build some infrastructure to make things safer.

Thus, when say safety, I mean infrastructure, NOT segregation.
Or as I like to say: physical safety improvements to the road.

Anything that gets us off the road is good even bike paths which are actually safer than the travel lane.

So sharrows are kind of pointless. Plus they look stupid anyway.

I don’t really care about education or “enforcement”. What do you think it will take for the cops to actually care about cyclist’s deaths? I suggest taking their cars away and forcing them to ride, for an hour and a half each day in plain clothes. Nothing less will work.

So I think that the best way is to build roads so safely that people can text while they drive all day and be totally stupid otherwise.

Oh, by objective safety, I mean that we can do some studies to get some real data on how safe things really are. I am 100% confident that most infrastructure will be found to be safer than any other method of making things safer and more cost effective. This is objective safety.

No class (to my knowledge) nor any increase in police enforcement budget has been show to increase road safety at all. If it has, I’m open to seeing a peer reviewed study that shows this.

“A 1985 US study showed that about 34% of serious crashes had contributing factors related to the roadway or its environment. Most of these crashes also involved a human factor.[6] The road or environmental factor was either noted as making a significant contribution to the circumstances of the crash, or did not allow room to recover. In these circumstances it is frequently the driver who is blamed rather than the road; those reporting the accident have a tendency to overlook the human factors involved, such as the subtleties of design and maintenance that a driver could fail to observe or inadequately compensate for.”

This is why I despise the useless term “counter-measure”. This assumes that we are some how gods who have total control over our environment.

This is nonsense. I all ready ride as safely as possible, but I still find that I am afraid and annoyed far more than I’d like to be.

Finally, by subjective safety, I refer to whether or nor someone will let their toddler learn to ride on that road. If a toddler can’t ride on it then the road is not safe.

End of story.


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