64 Ounces of Freedom

I love the recent move in New York City to attempt to ban extra large sodas.

I know that many people are very, very afraid for their freedom, but I think that it’s silly to worry about a big gulp.

Worse, I feel that the urge to cry out for freedom is a wrong, and in this day and age ignorant.

Science has research how our minds work, and it has discovered that things are not always as they appear.

Thus, we have the older, crusty ideology which bemoans a loss of freedom, is really a false belief in free will.

On the contrary, if you read such books as _You Are Not So Smart_, you’ll realize that we are not the rational robots that we believe we are. Not only that but to make a decision at your arm chair is much different than making a decision in a store.

Yes, that’s right, you can make all the perfect decisions at home, but this all goes out the window when you are actually faced with an extra large soda.

Here’s an article showing how this is also true in other fields such as economics:


Unethical companies, who care very little about real American freedom, have figured this out and exploited this loop hole in human psychology to trick us into doing things that we don’t want to do.

If being manipulated against our will is “freedom” then yes this law impinges on our freedom.

However, I believe that this law makes us more free because it helps us to make better health and financial decisions.

But what about the “Nanny State”.

That phrase is stupid and not useful.

But I’ll address this.

Basically, everyone in the entire political spectrum believes that the government must protect us from terrorists.

A trillion dollars later a handful of arrests, we are really, really safe from a tiny number of bad men who manage to knock off some Americans each year.

However, the real killers such as diabetes are killing us in vast numbers.

Thus, the debate is not about the government protecting us, but rather WHO the government protects.

At this point in time, we are spending more effort and money protecting non-living things that living things.

Soft drink companies aren’t alive and thus do not deserve a government protected right to exploit us in order to get us to do things against our will such as suck on shit food all day. This is especially true with artificial things such as soda which nature gives us less protection from than regular food. This is because we are not evolved to control our calorie input from liquid food only from solid food. Again, this is some basic, well known research that the Nanny State Whiners are totally ignorant of.

VC mentality is the same way.

On paper, we can learn all the right moves to ride our bicycles. Similarly, motorists can learn how to do a better job at not killing us.

But when the time comes, we will make the wrong moves. Over and over again.

It’s no use judging us because you are no smarter than the rest of us. We’re all fallible.

Fortunately, we have an arm chair and science to help us deal with our fallibilities. We can get together to create something bigger than ourselves as we can’t do it all on our own.

This something is called the US government. It protects us from terrorists and from soft drink companies.

More information on this concept can be found in _The Art of Choosing_: http://www.amazon.com/The-Art-Choosing-Sheena-Iyengar/dp/0446504106%5D.

And I find it strange that people like Fox News are not investigated, like left wing groups are, for their ties to anti-American propadanda such as the phrase “Nanny State” which is full of vile hatred towards two things we know and love, the government and our maternal protectors.


But I guess it’s more fun to throw mom under the bus instead of realizing, at our arm chair, that if we really, really want to excercise our right to give ourselves diabetes and the years of hassle and suffering that entails, we can buy two smaller sodas and suck them both down.


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