Beyond Arrogance; Beyond Government Intervention

If you are a long time reader, you can skip this as it’s just a repeat of old stuff repackaged to make a point.

This is a blog response to the stupid questions that come up whenever bicycles are mentioned…

1. Why are cyclists so arrogant?

Um, I’m not really sure what this means. Please show me how I can ride a bicycle in a manner to instantly convey that I am a very humble person. As a good friend said, and I have often quoted, a bicycle is in its very nature, a very humble form of transportation. How can I display this to the world?

2. Why do cyclists want my gas money?

Again, without government intervention at all, please let me know how I can get around as safely, efficiently, and comfortably as in a car without any government help at all.

As I have said before, the billions of dollars in spent in “transportation” (sic) are what make cycling suck in San Diego.

Had the government spent nothing, I could easily get around on mountain bike trails.

There would almost be no fatalities.

Travel times would be a bit higher, probably, but that would be expected, and I’d gladly pay that price for the quiet.

So it’s not really gas money I want, but rather for the government to fix the transportation nightmare that it has created by building freeways everywhere which I can only cross in designated areas.

I have read that 10 miles of freeway expansion (one lane!) is going to cost 1 billion dollars. That means that we are talking 100 million dollars per mile.

So basically for the price of a few lanes, the freeway budget could easily mitigate itself, but instead, we choose to build a system with automatic fatalities and then pretend like they are a tragedy or the fault of the cyclist.


Cycling is nearly 100% safe without cars.


2 Responses to “Beyond Arrogance; Beyond Government Intervention”

  1. Says:

    I really had been hunting for points for my own website and
    noticed your blog post, “Beyond Arrogance; Beyond
    Government Intervention Cycling Unbound”, do you really
    care in the event that I actually use a number of your points?

    Many thanks -Penney

    • Fred Says:

      Please, please use my points. No problem.

      The only thing that I ask is that you do proper confirmation. That is don’t take my points as gospel. I encourage you to do your own research, read the originals that I have linked to, and THINK for yourself. I’m far from perfect, and I am constantly learning and making mistakes.

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