I’m not God

One huge thing that makes myself and the Ninja Cycling Community different from the VC community and the rest of bicycle advocacy in general is that I don’t really feel like my actions are that important.

That is, I don’t feel like I can really do much to change how the world perceives cyclists.

For example, if I stop at every stop sign, and red light, I still get someone yelling to get out of the street. So I ride on sidewalk and piss off pedestrians. Or ride in a bike lane and get yelled at for appropriating motorist’s gas money for my “hobby” (sic).

I’m not saying that the world sucks. My world is full of people who have souls of large fuzzy rainbows that dazzle my eyes with their beauty. I try to love everyone no matter how undeserving and shitty they are.

I’m just saying that I don’t really care too much about how people see me. I mean, I care about my friends and how they view me, but in the greater world, I have chosen not to put a lot of energy into pleasing a world that can not and will not be pleased. It’s a waste of energy and time.

This is why I don’t really need to prove anything about cycling. I stop at red lights for me, not to prove that cyclists are law abiding. The same goes for every other activity.

I said this before, and I’ll say it again, I have no use for a united do nothing cycling “community” nor anything else regarding cycling.

I have no reason to lie about how dangerous cycling is nor the amount of abuse that cyclists can get.

This lack of concern is a great source of freedom that I’m only beginning to explore.

Unlike most Americans, for me, the notion of freedom for no purpose other than freedom itself isn’t my biggest concern. I can see some real pain and harm to others through too much of certain types of freedom.

Also, if what passes for freedom makes one less wise and clouds the mind, is it really freedom at all? Perhaps one is more free if one has a clear mind.

For me, I’d rather have wisdom, happiness, love, and discipline. With these values, I have no concern that I’ll act in an ethical way (most of the time) so I don’t really have to worry.

As long as I do the right thing why else should I worry?


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