Bully Cycling: The Mind of a Bully

Bully Cycling: The Mind of a Bully

I can’t cover everything, but here’s a few things I have learned.

First of all, many people see bullying as a sign of low self-esteem.

This because self-esteem training is our modern psychological panacea.

Recent data, however, shows that bullies don’t feel bad about themselves, they think that they are better than others aka too high of a self-esteem.

How many times do you hear motorist bullies talk about cyclists who “slow them down.” This presupposes that their time is more valuable than others.

It explains why they will buzz you then slow down to at a crack in the road as to not damage the bottom of their cars. Imagine their car is more important than your body! Not the thinking of a sufferer of low self-esteem.

They justify their aggression because cyclist were “in their way”. As if they, only, had a mystical “way” that needs to be protected by naked force.


“Rapidly accumulating research on the psychology of bullies also shows that the belligerence of these youngsters arises not just from nastiness, but also from a perceptual bias that leads them to see – and retaliate against – threats where none exist.

”Bullies see the world with a paranoid’s eye,” said Kenneth Dodge, a psychologist at Vanderbilt University. ”They feel justified in retaliating for what are actually imaginary harms.”

Thus, words like, “war on motorists” is not just histrionic drivel, but it’s actually an indicator of something more sinister.

If a bike lane is a “war on motorists” what power and license does that give motorists to “protect themselves and their families”?

I feel that people who use such language should be called out for what they really are. They are bullies who have a distorted view of the world. They should be stopped before they kill again.

”We find that bullies have a strong need to control others,” said John Lochman, a psychologist at Duke University Medical School. ”Their need to be dominant masks an underlying fear that they are not in control, and they mask the sense of inadequacy by being a bully.”

Again, when people, in their cars start bossing you around, this is a sign of bullying behavior.

But it gets worse:


“When given the chance to assert power over someone else many people will become sadistic. There are a few who have a strong sense of empathy, and an internal compass to guide them towards altruistic and normal behavior. However, the Stanford Prison Experiment examines how quickly groups can deteriorate into bully behavior.”

Imagine giving each bully a tank where they can enforce their will on others and a means where they feel that they can get away with impunity after causing harm. What kind of behavior do you expect.

Thus, I am not shocked that cyclists are killed daily. My only real surprise is that far fewer of us die to these horrible roadway bullies.

However, before we try to demonize all motorists, I suggest that we clean house first.

Thus, this blog appologizes on behalf of all cyclists everywhere for any harm that we caused while riding to any motorist. I especially feel bad for those who attack cars when they are stuck in traffic.

However, let’s keep things in perspective. The harm caused by cycling fools who run lights or who block cars with their bikes pales in contrast to the hundreds of deaths that cyclists have at the hands of roadway bullies.

Let’s have some compassion for everyone.


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