Honeysuckle Cycling

This morning, I had a great ride into work as I usually do.

Yes, I am still taking the “Balls Out” route down Fairmount.

On the other hand, I am trying to focus on the positive.

This morning there were at least two pluses that made my day.

First of all, there was the smell of honeysuckle while I rode by the garden next to the grocery store. Yum.

Next was the freeway hum, which by the grocery store sounds almost exactly like it did in my meditation room in South Philly, which is my happy place.

Thus, smelling that smell and listening to that sound put me into my happy place while I peddled up that steep, steep hill.

When I got to the corner, there was even a walk sign because a pedestrian had all ready pushed it.

A great morning, today.


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