_Why Cycling

I think that I need to start a new category called people or something.

Anyway, one of my newest favorite influences in the advocacy world is _Why, who, like me, is not even a cycling advocate. That’s right, I’m not actually an advocate because I have not really done anything. I do support the bike advocacy system, however, and I root for them. I’m just not an advocate myself.

Anyway, _Why is (or was) a Ruby programmer who was very inspirational for a whole group of programmers.

He had the knack of making programming really, really exciting.

Then, suddenly, he vanished from advocacy forever.

Overall, I totally agree with this move as he needs to take care of himself, and he gave us so much. Also, some big time jerks had posted way too much info about him, and he’s a private guy.

However, there still is a great deal of material about him online (google it).

Anyway, here’s a little taste of _Why:

“I admire programmers who take risks.
They aren’t afraid to write dangerous or “crappy” code.
If you worry too much about being clean and tidy, you can’t push the boundaries.
(I don’t think!)
I also admire programmers who refuse to stick with one idea about the “way the world is.”
These programmers ignore protocol and procedure.
I really like Autrijus Tang because he embraces all languages and all procedures.
There is no wrong way in his world.”

You could say the same thing with cycling infrastructure.

Instead of greeting something new with fear, we could greet it with a celebration. Just like _Why has shown us.


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