Bike To Work Day 2012

Although we joked about renting a pink hummer to bike to work, today, we didn’t have anything sinister planned when my princess drove me in a rental to work.

There were many reasons for this from the notion that I needed to get some beer to work for a special night to the fact that I need to go to the hospital to get stitches out and it’s a little bit easier in a car (though totally practical on a bike).

The ride was super fast and smooth as San Diego has given over most of it’s best real estate and money into getting people around as energy inefficiently as possible.

Being someone who can really enjoy and indulgence, the ride was pure bliss.

There were a only a very few die hard cyclists, most of them looking like neon fish soft of hugging the gutter in a motionless kind of way.

Cyclist’s outside rarely matches their insides. Inside I’m happy or something, but outside I look pathetic and in the way. (Yes, we know how we look.)

Anyway, now my biggest problem is little squares on my customer’s software and the fact that I have no place to put things. I never realized that I had been using my basket for years to store things. Plus, the frame of the bicycle was used to hang my clothes. Now my office is kind of empty and sad looking.

I keep wondering where my bicycle is.

Que bike to work dia! 🙂


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