Empty Headed Cycling

For the first time in a long time, yesterday, my head was almost completely empty for my entire ride.

Ever since I started my new job, my head had been abuzz with various things: not dying due to the commute sucking, trying to recall all my old network security tricks to impress my new bosses, fomulating come backs to people who said that cycling was dangerous, and much more.

Finally, this is all gone.

Long time readers know that I chant and meditate to take away the negativity, but yesterday, it was enough to just enjoy the white noise of the gentle roar of traffic around me.

While riding, the tiny part of my mind that was still sparking an occasional thought said, “I want every ride to be like this.”

For a few times in the past it was.

My first really great ride was with Princess while we did Valley Forge Rides for fun. After a particularly tranquil and empty headed ride, Princess wanted this to last forever so we did our bicycle trip to Texas.

This trip was good in that we learned a lot and we did enjoy ourselves.

But each day was not an excercise in serenity. It was more like an excercise in frustration in many ways.

Now, for some reason, my mind is letting me relax once again, and I’m happy for it.


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