Party Cyclin’

Of course, when the Unbound household goes to parties, it brings its cycling with it.

Not to say that we can’t let down our hair, but cycling is childlike so it’s all ready part of the fun.

Last weekend, we went to a few parties.

In the first one, I met a guy who has a Russian bicycle for which he has to carry all the tools because it has its own special bolts and so on. Another guy, a friend, asked me if I ever rode a Linus commuter. I had not, but I was happy that he was interested seeing as his other bicycle was not suited to commuting.

At the next party, there were more people who were cyclists who wanted to talk about cycling.

There were the usually pitfalls, that we now have the right answers for.

The first one was the notion of cyclists breaking laws. For this, I mentioned that not only do I follow all traffic laws, but I go out of my way to yield to someone who is in more of a hurry than I am. I also mentioned that my biggest fear is not in getting hit by a car, but hurting someone else, and it makes me happier to know that at least there is minimal chance that I will hit anybody.

This seemed to satisfy them.

Then there was the blasted helmet debate. I am going to do another post on this, but it’s not party material. For parties, we were just silent about it. There are the same things said over and over again about helmets: how people are stupid not to wear them and so on. We just let this play itself out. It seems that once the stuff is said, the clockwork mechanism winds itself down and there’s nothing more to say. Thinking deeper about it, or disagreeing would just get people repeating the same stuff over and over again. Helmets aren’t about facts, they are about feelings.

Finally, we asked them what they wanted.

There were some people who lived in Mira Mesa and loved it. They said it was very assessable to anything that they wanted and that they cycled because it was faster! What?

Cycling is faster in Mira Mesa than driving? There are almost no provisions for cycling at all.

In a dense city, cycling is the fastest way to get around, but in a car built suburb?

However, that’s their story and we have to believe them.

The only thing that they really missed out on was cycling parking. They said that there were enough bike lanes and that they felt safe otherwise.

The only other thing was more direct routes in some cases. That’s it.

Cycle parking is dirt cheap and the only people who oppose it are the No Way, No How crowd which are a tiny, but VOCAL minority of motorists who’s families all got killed by bicycle and tricycle gangs and thus they hate anything that doesn’t pollute forever.

Seriously, this was a HUGE wake up call the advocates above the eight. There are many, many easy battles to be won up there.


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