New Comment Policy

First of all, thank-you for reading. I cherish each and every comment.

Sometimes I get lonely and I appreciate the tiny bit of attention I get.

Comments are turned on here for my benefit. If I don’t think your comment benefits me, I’ll delete it without fully reading it.

If you wish to comment, think, first, will this benefit Fred. If not, put it on your own blog.

Recently, some people I love, spoke to me and told me some things which I won’t share, but at the end of the day, we need to raise our game.

1. Feel free to contradict me, but post NEW ideas and FACTS. “Rights to the road” and other crap are not welcome here. If I dismissed it in a prior blog post, then why do I want to see it again.

Yes, I post a lot. So if you disagree with me, I probably all ready heard it, thought about it for a week and discussed it with some people, researched it to death, posted about it.

2. Please don’t insult me. No name calling nor labeling.

I don’t (yet) have the world’s smoothest tongue nor the world’s best manners. However, I am not sorry to have insulted you. Nobody made you come over to a tiny, obscure blog and read it.

It’s really not personal and becoming less personal by the day.

3. Don’t tell me what to do. This pisses me off.

4. For the love of God, please post something original.

5. Make your comment intelligible.I don’t know if there’s some kind of special school that VCers go to or what, but mostly I have no clue what they are talking about.

Again, feel free to comment and thanks.


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