National Bike Summit: Standout

I have not written any more about the bike summit because I don’t really have the energy. I have a few more pages of notes, but I don’t feel like typing them up. Most of the important events were covered elsewhere.

One other thing that I am going to write about is strategy which comes in dribs and drabs.

The last thing I do have the energy to write about is the people.

It was so good to meet great like minded people as well as reconnecting with the people I all ready know.

There was one person who stands out in my mind.

She seemed to have come out of no where.

I first met her when I was coming out of the hotel, on the first night. I was going to a party that a good friend had invited me to at a nearby bar.

Outside of the hotel, I saw a woman assembling a folding bicycle with a hex key.

I thought it was strange that it needed tools. Plus, princess had talked about us getting folding bicycles.

So I started what I thought would be a quick conversation about what tools were needed to assemble this folding bicycle.

The conversation lasted the rest of the night. I hope, one day, it will continue.

Soon we were talking about many deep things including advocacy, philosophy, and values.

I can’t tell you all the details, but she was truly an amazing person, and I had an excellent time.

My only regret was that princess was preoccupied and thus could not meet Kristen.

Kristen was currently living in Pittsburgh, but previously, she had been living in Switzerland for years.

She was forced to come to the US, again, probably due to career choices.

She talked about how great cycling was in Switzerland and how backward the US was.

She showed me a brilliant virtuous circle of how we have values, then we pay for them, then we see the benefits which in turn reinforces our original values.

Those who are too cheap to pay for their values break the virtuous cycle.

There was much, much more, and I can’t tell all of it to you, but you should realize that there’s a new advocate in town, and I’m happier for it.


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