Tea Baggin’ Cycling

In the light of recent events, I am still mourning, upset, etc.

But let’s not let our emotions get in the way of the facts.

We are going to hear a ton of misinformation about cycling: blame bicyclist first, self-justification, empathy for the one most like us, etc.

Over and over, again, I hear the whining, selfish pleas of tea baggers who don’t want a dime of their gas money to go to cycling.

Guess what, it doesn’t and it won’t, but it should.

Item two, cyclist who own cars pay into the general fund. Where’s my transportation money?

So if anyone mentions gas money, let them know that gas money on pays for parts of roads, road costs are going up, gas money is going down. The difference is made up by taxing non-motorists and building roads that are very dangerous.

So one proposal I have is that if you think that it’s too expensive to pay for cycling infrastructure, stop maintaining roads all together. The easiest ways to get around San Diego have the cheapest roads. Conversely, the most expensive roads suck the most for cycling.

When thing break down, a little, cycling gets way better. So the issue isn’t that we want to take your gas money for our sissie bikes, but that we are being taxed, and having our money used against us.

Most of us are too polite to mention that, but I’m the impolite one who says what everyone else is afraid to say.

Let’s just stop building and maintaining all roads starting now. Shut down the street lights and lay off the traffic cops. Things will get worse before they get better, but ultimately, we will be riding on mountain bikes on trails that are hacked out by private volunteeers.

Another point is that cycling infrastructure always has to be decided by the “community”. Each tiny little strip of paint must be fought over with the dumbest, loudest, and most selfish community members.

At the same time, the freeways were built by fiat. If we had to argue over every single inch of freeway space (people lived and worked along most of what is now smelly, noisy, and economically bankrupt land), freeways would never be built. Or they would go at 60 MPH for a few blocks then suddenly disappear into a brick wall just like bikeways which dump you into the middle of an ocean of cars.

And if this doesn’t convince you note, that the founding fathers did not ride SUVs.

Even if they did, would their first priority be to steal (tax) money from those who did not have cars to give it, as an entitlement, to those who did?


3 Responses to “Tea Baggin’ Cycling”

  1. Steve A Says:

    Gas tax my back end! Go read:

  2. trevor Says:

    I recently sent email to San Diego County Public Works Dept requesting them to fix their misinformation on http://www.sdcounty.ca.gov/dpw/roads/roadfnd.html, because Transnet is a general sales tax, not a gasoline sales tax.

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