Land Transport Safety

I really didn’t wish to go to “Woe are we” types of posts on cycling as this is supposed to be the unicorns (the person not the strange horse) and smurfing cycling blog. 🙂

However, in the wake of the recent accidents and the lame ass response that the police had which shows that they will not stop until they exonerate the criminals who run down cyclists something that was supposed to be done by private lawyers.

They are continuing to pretend that the “law ties their hands.”

I think that they enjoy being cuffed.

Basically, after 9/11 police powers have been vastly expanded to protect us. Overall, I think that this is great! More power to stop the bad guys. This seems to have been working, too. Unlike the last president, under Obama, there’s been not one domestic terrorist attack on American soil that killed anyone.

So far so good.

But what is terrorism and why is it so special?

I don’t know. I hate stupid arguments about vocabulary.

But we can all agree one thing that terrorist try to do is kill Americans. In response, we have spent a lot of money to stop this. I say good. But there’s a huge blind spot.

Why are we not targeting motorists?

Because they don’t drive cars, silly, you say.

Really? I retort. Did you know that the FIRST 9/11 bomb was via a truck? If they had been checking trucks in 1993, they could have saved some lives.

But we can’t target transportation for terrorism. To equate transportation with terrorism is silly.

They what’s the TSA all about?

Also, check this out:

“Land Transportation Antiterrorism Training Program. The Land Transportation Antiterrorism Training Program (LTATP) was developed by the U. S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC). LTATP is unique in its design, recognizing that security at most land transportation systems is accomplished by a cooperative effort of Federal, State, local, and contract personnel. This program was designed to protect the land transportation infrastructure, which includes rail, mass transit, and bus operations. ”

So we are targeting EVERYTHING except for the thing that kills the most people. Sounds like a GREAT use of money.

But the _potential_ for harm is greater with other forms of transportation.

I really doubt it. And I doubt that this is going to reach its potential any time soon.

Fact is that we are INUNDATED WITH MONEY TO STOP MOTORISTS FROM TERRORIZING CYCLISTS. We have the money, we have just decided to conveniently exclude motoring from the list.

If you think I’m cherry picking, you can go on and google for this. Only motoring is excluded from anti-terrorist spending.

But there’s more:

Notice what they do:

“Use of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) to
Monitor Freight Rail Movement—One region’s
TMC can monitor freight rail movements on one
rail corridor to see direction of travel, length of
train, etc. The major city in the region also has
cameras on railroad tracks throughout the city so
they can see when a train is blocking a street.”

Makes sense. If someone gets run over by a car and dies, it’s not terrorism. But if a train blocks traffic and nobody dies? That’s what we are looking to remedy with our government dollars.

So we totally ignore motorists?

Nope. We help them:

“Motorist Assistance Patrol (MAP)—Several
regions have established motorist assistance
patrols on their highway systems, to assist
motorists with vehicle troubles.”

Note who they do not help? Those who are too poor to have a car at all. If you don’t have a car, they are not there for you.

Furthermore, if you have a car bomb, they won’t know because they are not checking.

But if you WALK, you are really a threat:

Dissent, Public Safety Core of Debate
Ed Whitfield and his followers just wanted to hold a peaceful demonstration during President Bush’s recent visit to the Triad, making it clear that not all Americans are gung-ho for the war on terrorism. Police, sheriff’s deputies and the U.S. Secret Service simply wanted to protect the nation’s chief executive in a time of great national tension. The two goals met head-on during Bush’s July 25 visit, when the protesters were stopped as they walked along a public road on which motorists traveled freely. They had to discard their protest signs before being allowed to proceed along Grandover Parkway in southwest Greensboro, News & Record, August 04, 2002

Great, but our “civil liberties” protect us from rounding up and detaining anyone who drives a white Lexus, right?

The U.S. Justice Department must release in 15 days all the names of those it has arrested and detained in its investigation of the Sept. 11 hijacked plane attacks. “The federal government’s power to arrest and hold individuals is an extraordinary one. Here, the government has used its arrest power to detain individuals as part of an investigation that is widespread in its scope and secrecy,” U.S. District Judge Gladys Kessler said in the 45-page ruling, Reuters, August 2, 2002

Nope, they can. They just choose not to.

The point is that the government has unlimited powers to protect the 700 cyclists and 33,000 motorists who die each year, but they choose not to.

Most killer motorists have a record of bad behavior. They often brag about how they are going to kill people before they do it.

Seldom do you see someone snap.

After a motorist attack, it’s very possible to round up all the suspects and check them out, but instead authorities are there, in lock step to protect the criminals.

My suggestion is to pressure your public officials to use the powers that they have been granted to start targeting the real threats and stop lying for and otherwise shielding those who choose to kill their fellow Americans.

They have the power, but they choose not to use it.


3 Responses to “Land Transport Safety”

  1. Steve A Says:

    “Unlike the last president, under Obama, there’s been not one domestic terrorist attack on American soil that killed anyone.”

    In light of the Holocaust Memorial Museum shooting in 2009, the Fort Hood shootings in 2009, and the Austin IRS attack in 2010, I’m reminded that “those that forget the past are doomed to repeat it.” Those events also should remind us that terrorism and it’s victims are nonsectarian AND nonpartisan. Its perps are likewise. And yes, those perps are more likely to use a truck than a bike as the instrument to wreak their terrorism. I would appreciate a retraction of a demonstrably untrue statement that is not central to the point of the post. Besides, Bush is not eligible to run in the upcoming election…

    • Fred Says:

      Thanks for the corrections. As you can see I don’t watch the news much.

      I feel like I have better fact checking than Reuters. The cycling crowd are regular Shrunks and Whites. 🙂

  2. Steve A Says:

    Crimeny, I entirely forgot to mention the murder of George Tiller by anti-abortion terrorists…

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