Cycling Humor 101

I know that there are a great many people out there who have no sense of humor so if you are part of this group, you can stop reading now.

The whole point of this is to amuse and to inform.

After all, the worst thing that a motorist can do is to suggest that I, as a cyclist, have no sense of humor.

Just because I don’t laugh at the motorist’s One Joke does not mean that I have no sense of humor.

You know the joke, “I’ll try not to hit you. Just kidding. Haha.”

The reason we don’t laugh at the joke is not because we are thin skinned, humorless weenies. If we were like this, we wouldn’t ride because you need a thick skin and a sense of humor just to stay sane. And if I’m not sane, why are you joking around with a crazy person? Try clowning around with the mentally unstable and see what happens. Haha.

The real reason that we don’t laugh at the motorist’s One Joke is because it’s over used. If you want to clown around with a cyclist do a few things first: ride a bicycle so you actually have some perspective, learn how to tell a joke, and most importantly of all, TELL AN ORIGINAL JOKE. IF YOUR BIKE JOKE IS NOT ORIGINAL, DON’T TELL IT.

If your joke is funny, I’ll laugh. If I don’t laugh, stop the wise act. You can’t fake funny.

I don’t care if you want to round up all the cyclists in the county and shoot them in the face. If that’s part of your joke, and you can make it funny, I’ll laugh. So it’s not “sensitivity” or any of that PC nonsense. I like offense humor. I like insult humor. I love being teased. Just get some new shit instead of recycling other people’s trash.

The other reason that I don’t laugh at the One Joke is because it’s not a joke. A “joke” isn’t a way of cowardly stepping away from your position. If you want to run me over, do it. Don’t say something offensive then say “just kidding”. A joke has to start out as a joke. Plus, “I’ll kill you” is something that a terrorist says, not a comedian.

So by all means, tell some jokes. God knows we need more laughing in this cruel world. But make it good or don’t make it all.


3 Responses to “Cycling Humor 101”

  1. Steve A Says:

    I hear a different motorist joke at work. They ask if I rode my bike to work. I’ve considered asking people at random if they drove to work, except they’d almost certainly fail to sense the humor.

    • Fred Says:

      Often this is done to get under your skin.

      It’s a common trick to do something like this via plausable deniability. When you snap, they look innocent.

      On the other hand, sometimes it’s just due to having nothing else to talk about.

      I suggest NOT answering the question.

      Ask them something polite, about food or something else non-transportation and non-contraversial.

      Or smile and say nothing.

      This will piss them off if they are trying to get you pissed or it will help them relate and like you if that was their goal.

  2. Steve A Says:

    Usually I say – “Yup, your turn to make coffee!” I think that falls into a societally useful variant of your first option. Alternately, I tend to say “it was either that or force myself to climb the stairs instead of zooming up the elevator.” The Wellness Gestapo stay away from cyclists – and even the dimmest motorist knows that…

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