VC == FAST Riding

OK, I’m really sick of going over this nonsense over and over again.

Actually, I lied, I’m not. I can repeat myself all day, but I usually choose not to because it’s rude and the whole ad nauseum argument is a turn off and makes people hate you.

This is _my_ blog, however. 🙂

Here’s another recent debate on my comments:

Me: I never read a single VC rider suggest that perhaps a slower speed would make things safer in bike paths and cycletracks.

Trevor: Every time people write that European style bikeways may not be the total answer you’re looking for if you want to make a transportation network that serves everybody, the primary point is that those paths are only safe at very low speeds.

Me: I’m confused. The VC people keep changing the subject. For ages, they have married themselves to safety. Whenever Forrester talks, he speaks of safety.

Whenever we go to kill bicycle paths and cycle tracks it’s due to safety.

Now it turns out, due many, many studies, that cycle tracks are safer. There’s no getting around that. This is a fact. Bicycle safety has been studied to death in the US and abroad. In fact, bicycle safety regarding infrastructure that remains unbuilt in the US is much, much more studied the our vehicular roads despite the fact that bicycles riding on bicycle paths kill almost nobody while cars riding on AASTO approved streets kill more people than Super-Predator Children, terrorists, and insane people combined.

While the normal, “legal” streets continue to kill people, there’s no outcry from motorists. Meanwhile, we hear continual whining, threats, and even lawsuits to stop bicycle infrastructure.

Why is this?

Because VC cyclists are lying.

They say they care about safety, but once safety has been established, their mask comes off and it was all about speed all along.

Here’s the deal.

Next time, you want to kill a bike path or cycle track, go to a meeting, and SHUT UP ABOUT SAFETY. Talk, only, about how you like to ride really fast and you can’t stand to have dog walkers, children, and other slow cyclists in your way. Instead, you are solely interested in blocking traffic while riding a super-slow 18 MPH.

Trevor: I would not ride my bike to work if it took me four times as long as in a car. It works for me because at an average of 18mph I can write off the extra time as free gym time.

Me: I this, and I that. It’s all about you. What about the 60% of people who want to ride, sometimes, but are too afraid because you and your kind of have stopped many, many safer, more fun places to ride?

18 MPH is SLOW for a road. Even a road which is 30 MPH (rare in SD) this is really slow. It’s totally selfish to take a lane and make people pass. It’s also really dangerous, and it has been a total PR nightmare for cyclists. Telling people to do this is making motorists hate us to the point that they don’t want to give us anything.

We were offered quite a bit in the 70’s and Forrester shot all that down. Now they hate us and give us nearly nothing. Thanks.

Trevor: I started to ride my bike on busy arterials on the sidewalks. I knew from the get-go the only way it would be safe is to travel less than 10mph, and to stop at every intersection even if the light is green to check for people turning their car left or right across my travel path. Soon I became more fit, better skilled at spinning, and it was not so fun to do all that stop-and-slow.

Me: Me, too. But remember, you can have safety or fun but you don’t get both.

Trevor: People who like to ride in the road don’t want to take away the rights of people who don’t. They just don’t want their rights taken away any more than you obviously feel yours are by the opposition you hear.

Me: The whole “rights” debate is total nonsense. For one thing, my right HAVE been taken away. I do NOT have the right to ride in safety, comfort, and efficiently thanks to Forrester and others. I know this for a fact. There were plans for paths to go to my job. They have been killed by the VC community.

So, please, unless you advocate for cycle tracks everywhere, you very much are advocating against my rights.

I have written a whole post about rights. I wrote a whole post about how I WANT to divide the cycling community because it’s not really division, it’s revealing abuse of power and lies that have been going on for a long time. It’s also a way to recruit the 99% of the people who are not insane and drive in San Diego because it’s too annoying, difficult, and scary to ride a bicycle here.

Trevor: Also, bicyclists who like to ride with other smooth-flowing traffic are actually people, and they concerned about the health of other people who may not be aware of the hazards they have learned to avoid.

Me: Traffic flows smooth for you because you are the slowest thing on the road. What if you were the fastest? You’d be pissed off. VCers get pissed off when they have to yield to pedestrians. Motorists feel the same about you. They might not run you over, but they hate you. Some of this hate spills over to me.

Trevor: It is no surprise to me when I see many of the crashes that happen between car and bike, and it is sad when I know it is a missed opportunity to have explained to those two people how they could safely work together until the roadway is fixed to make it less necessary to have such expert training.

Me: Show me where the VCers are advocating for cycle tracks and NOT for classes and “education” and I’ll sign up for this.

Otherwise, we are going to work against each other.

Trevor: I wished I could keep my kids from falling down and getting “owies” just as much as I try to prevent them from more severe tragedies.

Me: Again, we disagree. I do NOT want anyone to be hurt, but pain is part of life, and small mistakes do hurt. These should NOT be high stakes and fatal. The whole notion of mixing with traffic makes what should be small learning experiences to be deadly.

Trevor: Please fill in your mental trench with mulch so it will grow some daisies to cover the hurt you may bury there. I suspect this writing isn’t cathartic, it’s only vitriolic.

Me: Too true. I’m really angry about the recent accidents and the failure of the police department to do anything about it.

I’m angry that the NYPD (and others I’m sure) has a policy of letting cyclists killers go if they can find any excuse for them at all.

Everyday I have to play the high stakes game of merging with 50 MPH traffic, I get pissed off at Forrester and his stupid ideas.



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