Amazing News Story: NO BBF–0328.html

I got this from the comprehensive Biking In La Blog:

The funny thing about this story wasn’t what was there, but rather what was NOT there.

We did not see any mention of whether the cyclist were wearing bright, clownish colors. We didn’t hear whether they were wearing a helmet nor were they blamed on riding badly: wrong way cycling, in the bike lane, in the travel lane, on the sidewalk–usually no matter where a cyclist rides they are blamed if they are hit by a motorist.

For once we get a news story with no BBF (blame bicyclist first).

Probably the reason for this is because we know that the motorist tried to hit the cyclist which is why we see this:

“Dominguez was later booked into the Blythe jail for assault with a deadly weapon and for making criminal threats.”

Assault with a deadly weapon? Say it ain’t so.

In many cases I have seen a DRUNK driver drive away after hitting a cyclist.

So this story brings a tear of joy to my eye.

On the other hand, I know we will have more BBF in the future. For this, I try to think of why we have it.

First of all, there’s those who motorists only. For them, cyclists are really hard to see which is why we need to stay in predictable locations aka not in their way. It is very possible for someone who is well meaning to hit a cyclist totally by accident. It can happen. This is one of the main reasons I hate driving: because I don’t want the responsibility for someone else’s death.

Second, there are the VC advocates who use cyclists death for their own purposes. They, too, are part of BBF, in part, because they’d like to believe that they are safe while riding their bicycles (they are not).

In reality none of us are totally safe. That’s life.

Here’s to hoping for a world where a minor error in motoring or cycling does not equal a death sentence.

Here’s to a world where shitty motorists get the help that they need to reform their lives rather than the lockstep protection from all the ranks.

Motorists take care of one another (unless one is a crazy criminal and there’s a full moon). 🙂

When there’s any way out, the motorist will give doubt to their fellow motorist. They’ll even make things up to defend a fellow motorist.

Why can’t cyclists, at least, give each other the benefit of the doubt?

No more helmets, silly bright colors, lights, classes nor self-appointed experts.


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