Motorists Against Motoring

I am writing this post because I’m super-annoyed at the whole notion of cyclists against motoring.

This is going to be a repeat, but I wanted to get this all in one concise post so if you heard it all before, skip this post.

Basically, the main notion is that motorists are the biggest haters of motorists. More so than most cyclist advocates, though if you read any internet comments, you wouldn’t know it.

Why do I say that motorists hate motoring more than the rest of us?

First of all, in the cycling advocacy world, we do have some fear of getting run over. Imagine some bad dudes who killed 700 of your fellow country men? Then imagine that the US government, police, and court system works in lock step to make sure that the penalties are as minimal as possible for their deaths. Would you be upset?

Probably waaaay more that most cycling advocates are.

We realize that it’s in bad taste to complain, at all, about getting hit by cars. We are too dedicated to our cause to alienate the power base of the US who all happen to be motorists. Thus, we keep mum about how angry and hurt we are when we confront motorists. But if you imagine a group who’s more successful than all of the terrorists combined at killing Americans? We’re way less pissed than that. 911 comes once a month in the motor vehicle death world and we get jaded after a while.

Still, motorists are under no such restrictions about complaining. So whenever you hear a motorist bitch about parking or traffic, they are really whining about other motorists sucking up their resources.

Also, regarding cycling, why don’t more people do it? Ask a motorist about cycling. They will complain about their fear of *GASP* getting hit by a vehicle similar to the one that they own and operate every day.

I’m sorry if the truth hurts, but this is truly a head scratcher to me, and I’ll never get over the marvel of it all.

Here are some questions that I will never ask outside of the keyboard cowboy world of online postsing:

“So you are afraid that a car will hit which is horrible, noisy, scary, and prevents you from riding a bike. So how do you get around? In the same manner that makes you scared?”

So what would make cycling easier for these people? Infrastructure.

Build it and they will come. Every closed off street that I have ever seen, in the middle of the city, is full of people!

Heck, build a bridge for bikes and pedestrians, only, and you won’t find parking nearby for those who want to park and walk across the bridge.

People LOVE open spaces. They LOVE places without cars. This is doubly so if they are motorists. There are never enough of these things.

These things can ONLY be built by the government. The “free” market will not build free open spaces.

So basically we love something and know how to get it. Why don’t we build it?

Because we don’t want to pay for it.

This is an insight that I got while at the summit. Basically, we ALL (tea bagger, liberal, libertarian, conservative, VC nuts, climate change conspiracy theorists) all of us want open spaces. Trust me, you’ll find a VC nut teaching his two year old how to ride a bike on a closed street which he claims is super-dangerous and NOT La Jolla Drive which he claims is super-safe.

We ALL love open spaces. We HATE to be near lots of LOUD traffic.

Why do we make things so shitty?

Because we are too CHEAP to pay for our values.

That’s why this whole “limited government”, “austerity”, and “tax relief” nonsense has to die. I’m willing to pay more for my values.

Tax collection is a legitimate way for our government to raise revenue, and open spaces are something that we are all willing to enjoy.

Why are so many of us such stupid cheap skates when it comes to making their world nice?

When I hear anyone but a minimum wage earner bitch about taxes, I put them in the same mental space as a dead beat dad.


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