National Bicycle Summit 2012: Meeting with Obi One

When I got to DC after a six hour marathon tv watching session on the flight there, I was exhausted. Thus, I slept while princess ran off the the convention.

Later, I woke up and crossed the street to get on the metro. That’s right! DC is so convenient, I can get on a metro from my hostel door by crossing a traffic calmed street. I was so close to heaven.

My luck improved when I got on the train.

“Unbound!” I heard someone exclaim.

I am used to hearing my name called all the time, but usually it turns out that the person was talking to or about someone else. Thus, I am slow to respond to my name. But it was called again, and I looked up to see the Obi One Sleeper Agent from San Diego!

This man is truly amazing. He’s very calm and knowledgeable, helpful, and kind. Definitely a role model for who I am to become in the next few decades. One of the few cycling thinkers from San Diego. I could go on and on about how much we love and adore him.

I sat down and had my first one on one conversation with him, ever.

He talked about how many exciting ideas coming to San Diego.

There’s the Center For Disease Control study which shows the relationship with body mass index and the design of residences. As part of their study, they are doing the most detailed count of cyclists and pedestrians that was ever done in San Diego.

The counters are called Echo counters and they count cyclists, only, not cars. Then there’s the infrared counters which count cyclists and pedestrians, but pedestrians can be found by subtracting cyclists from the Echo counter. These counters are going to wirelessly stream data!

At this point, Obi One and I got to the convention, and we sat down for our first meals in DC. I met an advocate named Warren from Dallas. He talked about how he could ride anywhere using the typical VC stills that he had learned years ago. However, he realized that if he were to share his passion for cycling, he had to get more infrastructure built.

I bit my tongue regarding my usual approach to VC and just listened and learned. I felt that he was ideal in many ways regarding advocacy, and he reminded me of most of the best crop of advocates. They can ride anywhere, but they want infrastructure anyway. According to Quislings, these people should not exist because the desire for infrastructure stems from an irrational and superstitious FEAR of cars. Because cars, like toothless bunnies, are totally harmless and don’t kill the most young and healthy people each year. πŸ™‚

Warren also talked about how nasty the VC crowd was and how off putting they were. He noted that they had some good ideas, but they were just plain impolite and mean. This made me feel bad because I, myself, and really mean, too. I hoped he didn’t find my blog as I was so embarrassed by my approach. I mean, I had a religious background (Catholic and Buddhist) which taught me better. Still, will I persist in my low humor and nasty remarks about those who oppose normalizing cycling?

Yes! πŸ™‚

It’s like what CK Louis says about eating animals, “clearly it is wrong, but I don’t care.” πŸ™‚

Anyway, I had a very nice meal except for subtle friction with the wait staff who was totally micro-managing my meal.

Do I look like a kid who attracts the mom element in the food service world? Probably. πŸ™‚


2 Responses to “National Bicycle Summit 2012: Meeting with Obi One”

  1. Steve A Says:

    “…advocate named Warren from Dallas…”

    as in “Casteel?”

    We were in the same LCI Seminar and will likely be coteaching later thismonth. Small world…

    • Fred Says:

      I didn’t catch his last name and wouldn’t post it w/o his permission anyway.

      At any case, he’s way more of a gentleman than I’ll ever be, and I’d like him to be a role model for the future.

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