Cycling Got Us Into the Middle Class

I don’t like to talk about my household economy too much, but I will say this: “cycling got us into the Middle Class.”

It’s true.

You probably hear about people bemoaning the shrinking middle class as well as rising costs of living and so on.

However, one thing you do not hear from the mainstream is that cycling is the answer to many, many people’s budget problems.

People spend waaaaay more on their cars than they can imagine. Their metal and plastic “love affair” object is a greedy little bugger when it comes to wasting cash.

Just look at the cost of a college education when taking classes part time then compare to how much an automobile costs for a year. They are about the same!

Yes, if you have a car, and you think you are too poor to pay CASH for college then you are being robbed by your car.

“But I NEED my car!” you retort.

Yes, you do. However, people get on just fine without a car.

“But that’s in other countries. America is different, here we need a car.”


Because the built environment favors cars.

I have no doubt that it’s impossible for many folks to get around without a car.

This is because the federal government decided to make things impassible without a car. This was a choice that our government made.

If you feel too poor and own a car, and you have decent health, you are being robbed by the government.

We all know that technically, car upkeep fees are NOT taxes. Yet, if the government builds things so that you need a car, if is forcing you to have a car and all the associated expenses. So technically on your balance sheet it’s not a tax. but it is money that is going away, forever, and giving you nothing in return.

I bicycle everywhere so I know that this is true. Each day, my bicycle gives me two workouts as well as two glorious rides in the sun that will be etched into my mind as memories until I die. Studies show that before you die, the biggest regrets is NOT doing things. Thus, the whole fear of getting hit by a car is gone. We are only sad about the exercise we didn’t get. Physical activity is one of the things that we recall the best in old age. Not getting exercise is what we think of when it’s over.

So next time you hear someone whine about how they have no money on one hand. Then the other about how they absolutely NEED their car on the other, you know that they are getting robbed.

A decent built environment is tax relief for us all even if we can’t technically call it that.


2 Responses to “Cycling Got Us Into the Middle Class”

  1. Steve A Says:

    It is good to read something here that I agree with 100%. Including getting over the fear. Thanks.

    • Fred Says:

      The whole “fear” thing is VC bullshit.

      I didn’t ride because I got over the fear but because I rode on the sidewalk. This was in Philadelphia.

      Now Philly has buffered bike lanes all over the place and there are way more cyclists than when I was there.

      If I started cycling here, I would never have done so. No amount of fake stats and expensive classes whould have helped.

      I’d still be stuck on the hampster wheel of paying my car payments…

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