The Aliens Made Me Do It

Note, I just got back from DC where I feel that lobbying really makes a difference!

I’ll write more later on the lobbying efforts as well as the VAST cycling improvements on DC and Philly. As for now, I am speaking of others when they feel that their lives are controlled by aliens…

Notice how often when people speak of cycling, they talk as if our entire legal system and built environment is held hostage by aliens?

This is the opposite of the truth. The government is full of people who crave to have active citizens to allow them to kick off the projects that they know that we, the citizens, want.

Don’t believe me? Stop reading this, get out of your house and talk to some people in government. I’ll wait.

No cheating. 🙂

Ah, you’re back. I’ll assume that everyone agrees with me now.

Anyway, the point is that you often hear people act as if we live in the Soviet Russia of transportation systems. “I _need_ my car because everything is so far away.”

Really? Who put it “far away”? The aliens? Why is shit so spread out?

Because of zoning. Ah, I see so there are laws made in a democratic society which hurt us all. Well why is that? Because of politicians. But who do they listen to? Corporations. Who do they listen to? Aliens, just kidding, consumers. Not “consumers” is a way of talking about the public in a way which acknowledges their power, but only a little. Consumers only responsibility is to maximize their own happiness by selecting from a very limited number of choices put in front of them. Coke or Pepsi.

I prefer the term citizen because it acknowledges that we have more responsibilities (and power) than we are told.

Zoning laws can be changed. In filling can occur.

Changing a law is slow. But there are exceptions all the time.

For example, what’s the maximum legal road grade allowed from a mesa to Mission Valley? Eight percent.

But why are all the hills so steep then?

Because they got an exception. That’s right, one doesn’t have to follow the law when designing the streets, we can get an exception. So the whole notion of deferring to standards, as if they were send down from on high by our Alien Overlords, is nonsense.

Any excuse from building infrastructure is a lie.

Look around. Everything you see is the work of human hands. Before humans made it, it was the product of the human mind, usually a single person’s mind.

The whole traffic mess of malls in Mission Valley was a grand vision in a humans mind. Anything you don’t like was probably created by humans who _decided_ to create it.

There’s no alien race making laws.


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