Not Reaching the Choir

It must be two years ago, where I was asked to give some local bicycle advocates some ideas regarding their goals for the next year.

My ideas were mostly laughed at.

I’m not naming names, but somebody started go down my list and implement every last one of those ideas.

They are working great now! The funny thing is that the naysayers are not only claiming credit, but also that they had implemented some of the ideas in the past!

OK then.

Flash forward to now. I have thought and thought about how I could have done things different. Mainly my answer is to go to the tweed ride and skip the meeting all together.

This morning, however, I had another idea.

To explain it, I’ll have to give you some insight to the Unbound morning. Typically I chat with Princess for a while regarding the state of cycling.

One thing we don’t talk about are things like, “Hey have you read this amazing book called _Traffic_?” because we know we both have.

This is known as “preaching to the choir” in our house hold.

But then I realized that there’s a choir that actually is NOT getting preached to!

Or rather the choir isn’t singing! 🙂

That’s right, now how many bicycle advocates do you know? And how many drive all over the place? And why is that? Also, note there is a strong correlation with a cyclist’s VCness with their lack of actual cycling. This is because VC cycling sucks all the fun out of cycling which is why Mr. Forrester himself does not cycle at all and has not for years.

But he’s quick to tell others how to cycle and when they were wrong despite the changing conditions of the world and his total lack of current real world experience. It’s like someone starting a religion where people who don’t know how to have sex tell you not to wear a condom. Oh wait! 🙂

Anyway, back to my choir analogy, imagine going to church and most of the singers are sitting in the pews NOT singing. There are only a few singers, and oh what stars they are. But the ones in the pews keep talking about “vehicular singing” and how awesome it is.

But their voices are sucky from no practice. The loudest (talker) of them all NEVER sings and he can’t even carry a tune! But he keeps telling us all to sing and to sing his way, as if we were a car singing.

Yes, this makes zero sense, but that’s how the choir at this church rolls. They can’t even sit still in an analogy!

So flashing back to that fateful meeting that made me miss the tweed ride. If I were there now, I’d ask everyone a single question, “of those who chose to drive here, why did you do that?”

And THIS, my friends, would be the list of things that they should work on for the next year. Whatever reason they feel that THEY, as advocates, can’t ride, they should fix.

If it’s too far, get a train that will fill the gap which is so fast that driving would feel glacial. If it’s because of their kids, we need to get their damned kids on bikes. And so on.

Because if we can’t even advocate to the fuckin’ choir then get out of the church!

Oh, and new rule. Those of you who comment on here should be car free for a month before commenting. If not then you have no right to tell me how to ride my bicycle anymore than someone who can’t sing tells Pavarotti that his middle C is a bit off.

You know who you are.


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