Open Thank-you letter to American Asphalt

Though there’s a lot of money to be made in cycling, including by construction in building cycling infrastructure that we so badly need in the US, many companies openly disrespect cyclists.

So much for the “customer always being right.” I’m more for, “the customer not being treated like a bitch…unless he deserves it.” šŸ™‚

American Asphalt* is not one of those companies.

Recently, they did some work near the Qualcomm Bicycle Path. What they were doing is still a mystery to me, but it does look an awful lot like making a huge mountain out of sand.

However, they did this right. They were careful to keep trucks from the entrance of the Bicycle Path. They swept up excess sand to keep from having a slip and fall hazard, and they did not buzz cyclists, but rather gave us our own lane.

Their workers were professional, too, allowing us cyclist to stay out of their way so that they could preform their important jobs–whatever that is.

If you are going to build a cycle track, I’d give American Asphalt a chance to work on it.


* Note, I am NOT being sponsored by American Asphalt, but I am open to taking money from almost anyone. šŸ™‚


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