Foggy Notion

Here’s me going back and forth with a commenter. I LOVE it!!

“You present the false notion–aided by not providing a working definition of VC for the purposes of your rebuttal of it–that VC and infrastructure are mutually exclusive.”

Um, please go read _Effective Cycling_. Or read this evidence here: There you’ll find plenty of evidence that shows that the VC crowd has fought infrastructure.

For now, VC and education are pretty much the same. Again, do your research. They even call it “riding vehicularly.” I am trying to put together a non-VC class and to get it approved by the government. It will teach how to ride in bike lanes and on the sidewalk. Want to help me?

Haha, alienating readers. I don’t care about this.

I am here to write things that people are too afraid to say. I am here to look at all the information and give my best opinion…with jokes.

If you want to “not be alienated” please don’t read this blog. Thanks, though, for helping me make a disclaimer.

By saying that “nobody rides VC”, I mean to say that I NEVER see people perfectly executing the moves that our outlined in _Effective Cycling_. I am trying to find them because I think that they exist. Mostly the spandex racers are on the shoulder or on the OB bicycle PATH.

And a peleton does NOT count. Anyone can be brave with 20 of their friends.

“Yes, let’s continue to divide the cycling community.”

The bicycle community has been divided for 30 years. There were less than 1% of us who spoke for pro-VC views to the govt. Then there was the 99% plus who wanted to ride but were too scared and we thought (wrongly) that the govt wanted us not to ride. This is another VC lie.

When I am defensive “Forrester had good ideas for the time” this will be abused by VC people. Instead, we need to take the fight home and destroy their base, forever. Only then will we get infrastructure. Or you can live for “peace at any price” and let them to continue to run the terms of debate. My mind is made up on what needs to be done.

BTW, does anyone read this blog? No. Does it determine public policy? No. This is for me and my friends to cache my stats and to tell some jokes.

“It is ridiculous to suggest that everyone who practices or promotes vehicular cycling in any circumstance (or by grouping and labeling these people “VC” in the first place) is suggesting it’s the only way to ride in any circumstance.”

Which is why I never said that.

“I ride VC, and it works very well for me.”

For the love of God, please STOP SAYING THAT. You have no idea how damaging that is to cycling in the US. Please read some more and wake up!

“When I learned to drive a car, I applied the same principles I use when riding a bike, and they are quite transferable.”

No they are not. I’m not going to itemize the differences but they are enough so that the law in all 50 states does not equate the two. In fact, trucks and cars differ legally, too. Only VC brainwashing could force me to make such obvious statements to someone over 5 years old.

“Yes, it would be nice if every bike route were safe, but the fact is they aren’t all.”

Yes, and I personally blame the VC nuts for this. ONLY.

“Similarly, just because a “VC” person opposes a piece of infrastructure it doesn mean they’re opposed to all infrastructure.”

Yes, they are. This is another lie they tell. Trust me, they will pretend to be for it get on a committee and stab us in the back. I saw this happen, for real, many, many times before I came to the conclusions I came to.

“I know a number of “anti-VC” people who would nonetheless support it because lanes that make things more dangerous because hey, infrastructure dedicated to cycling must make cycing safer, right?”

Wrong. Nobody supports making things more dangerous except for those who want to dedicate all the money to motoring, only. If you hadn’t noticed they just passed a bill which would make that much easier on the federal level. Please wake up.

“I look forward to seeing how you misinterpret and spin my comments to demonstrate how I want all cyclists to die, or that because I support cycling intrastructure I’m therefore defined out of the VC category.”

I will not do that. This is called “mind reading” and it’s a sign of distorted thinking. If you’d read all my posts, you’d see how I talk about this.

It’s impossible to tell what people want, inside their heads. I would like to talk about what decisions, in the real world, I actually saw. Plus jokes! 🙂


3 Responses to “Foggy Notion”

  1. Steve A Says:

    If someone refers to himself (almost invariably male) as a “Vehicular Cyclist,” that alone should indicate that a dialog is not possible. While I routinely, and unapologetically, use vehicular practices in my riding, I challenge you to find a single indication, EVER that I have ever referred to myself that way. I’ll welcome “transportation cyclist,” but that is because I ride where I need to go. On whatever route is the best combination of quick, safe, and low stress. Same as I would if I were motoring. The problem with teaching a bike lane course is it doesn’t cover what to do when the bike lane runs out, you are a long way from home, and there’s rain coming up soon.

  2. Steve A Says:

    BTW, Forester has only two “Rs.”

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