Cycling and the Sexes

I am reading an excellent book called _The Gender Delusion_ about how our modern “science” is continuing sex based stereotypes based on shitty research models.

People! Graphs and stats don’t prove anything if your experimental setup is biased.

How many ways can you lie with science?

Many ways!

I know the food blog has nothing to do with this post except that this is one of my favorite blog entries of all times.

There are other ways of fooling ourselves while pretending to be objective.

One is a moving set of “standards”.

I have noticed that this is true with my old friends, the VCers arguments.

So this is true all over the place.

In _Delusions of Gender_, they talk about how interviewers, when given identical resumes would pick the one with more education when the male resume had more education. When the female had more education, they would pick the male anyway due to his “real world experience”.

Thus, no matter what, a man gets picked, and we stick to objective “standards”.

We can apply this to cycling advocacy.

In advocacy, if someone brings up stadards, we need to make sure that they make sense. For me, the only three standards for government bicycle policy are safety, efficiency (for motorists AND cyclists), and comfort (for cyclists).

Also, if the standards are abstract and can’t be seen, touched, tasted, smelled, or heard, then beware. And if you can’t boil it down for a nine year old, beware.

While thinking of one’s sex, and cycling, I was thinking of the old chestnut, “why don’t more women ride in the US.”

Based on my prior post on safety, I actually think that the question should be, “Why do men ride at all?”

That’s not a sign of health for cycling.

But things are getting better! I can feel it happening…


2 Responses to “Cycling and the Sexes”

  1. Steve A Says:

    Why DO men ride at all? As you noted, most of them don’t.

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