Jewel in the Ass

First, I’m going to link to a brilliant article which asks “What do you really want?”

I so love this because it addresses the question beyond the smaller thinking that got us into our transportation mess in the first place.

By “mess”, I mean a system where people are dissatisfied in some way, and where they feel that a few small band-aids and their lives will be perfect.

For example, building a single more lane on the freeway to eliminate a bottle neck on their commute. Or in my case to build a cycle track from my job to my home.

Overall, this approach is doomed to fail because a great city is planned with all modes of transportation taken into account and a lot more factors.

This leads me to this article:

The thing I noticed occurring over and over in this article is where people called Balboa Park “San Diego’s Jewel”.

While I do agree that it’s quite beautiful from afar, it’s scale makes me feel quite small.

Also, and I know that this won’t go over well with most, but to a cyclist, the park is just a huge pain in the ass not unlike an airport.

Most parks give you paths to ride through, but Balboa Park has none. In fact, it’s iconic bridge, El Prado, really sucks for cycling. Every time I ride through there, I wind up getting really pissed off because the motorists will tail gate you, buzz you, and act as total assholes just so they can break the traffic laws.

Yes, pretty much everyone who takes that bridge breaks at least one traffic law because the speed limit is 15 MPH, and I can ride faster than 15 MPH on that bridge. So why are people trying to pass me?

I don’t really mind the motorists breaking the law, I try to mind my own business, but they really annoy me. Also, I really hate the hypocritical whining about “scofflaw cyclists.” If you want to see the other end of that stick, ride your bike on El Prado.

So what do I want?

I’d really like to see some cycling freeways which cut through some obvious places like Balboa Park. Then maybe it will be a jewel and not some massive road block that puts me out of my way each time I’d like to ride cross town that way.

If we can drop an entire freeway through a park as well as paving enough of it over to do Walmart proud, while still painting the whole thing green on tourist maps, a few dedicated cycling paths will not further mar the “Jewel’s” good looks.


2 Responses to “Jewel in the Ass”

  1. Steve A Says:

    So, if we simply pave over Balboa Park with green concrete, will that offer enough cycling choices?

    • Fred Says:


      However, Balboa Park is pretty paved over as it is. From the post, I said that a freeway goes through the park and the parking rivals Walmart. That’s a lot of paving.

      So to say “if we simply pave over” implies that the park is not paved over.

      That is not true.

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