Super Thought

And the victories continue to pile up in the cycling world.

It seems that if one person can mess things up for a long time, a lone person can fix things!

Let’s pray that these easy victories continue!

But there’s a catch to all this success, and it starts with “What’s next?”

That is, once we vanquish all our enemies and uncork the dam which has held back all of our cycling money for so many years what do we do with our time.

The answer is, of course, “Ride our bicycles on the shiny new SAFE, convenient, and efficient infrastructure.”

Sure, but in between then, what?

The answer is probably that we need to be really innovative. That is the traffic engineers are going to have a chance, finally, to innovate.

Talk to any engineer about designing new things, and her eyes will light up! Let’s go crazy designing things.

Thus, in the Unbound household, we have a saying that “the best infrastructure has not yet been built.”

We have not even seen it yet.

This reminds me of a great quote from the fantastic book _The Art of Choosing_.

A jazz player was talking about improvisation in jazz.

He said,

“You need to have some restrictions in jazz. Anyone can improvise with no restrictions, but that’s not jazz. Jazz always has some restrictions. Otherwise it might sound like noise.” The ability to improvise, he said, comes from fundamental knowledge, and this knowledge “limits the choices you can make and will make. Knowledge is always important where there’s a choice.” The resulting action is based on informed intuition, or as he calls it, “super-thought.” In jazz, super-thought goes beyond determining the “right” answer: It allows one to see new possibilities where others see only more of the same, and to construct the rare “useful combination.”

I think that the traffic engineers know the rules, but they are too restricted, right now, by people who want them to play only folk ballads. They are not free to write the symphonies that they desire.

People are too busy, right now, worrying about the “right answer” rather than working on the more “rare useful combination.”

But we will get there with my super hero kicking total ass.

We know what’s in our way.

We know how to eliminate it.

And we have all ready decided what we are going to do next!


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