Green and Black Tea Party

Everytime I think of something clever I find that it’s all ready been done.

Oh, well, here’s my version of a Green and Black Tea Party.

The green is in the environment. Right wing tea baggers are willing to cut government programs which help the environment. On the other hand, why not help the environment by cutting subsidies for corporations who hurt it?

It’s not that they can’t harm the environment any more, but they won’t get paid by Uncle Sam for the privilege.

Another way to go green tea is cut motor vehicle transportation funding. We could sell off all the freeways and thus “privatise” these things.

This can also help bring out the macho, do-it-yourselfers.

“Nobody every did anything for me in my life.”

OK, I’d like to see you hire out a cement mixer and lay the freeway from your house to your job. I have been wanting to build bikeways, by my own hand for years, but I WOULD NEVER DO THAT BECAUSE IT’S ILLEGAL. NOR WOULD I EVER RECOMMEND ANYONE DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL. EVER. 🙂

The black is anarchy. Which is what we had in the financial system, until it came time to collect, and at this time, we had the system working as usual to take people’s houses.

Why not just not do this anymore? We could decide that repossessing houses and also enforcement of copyright is a civil matter and stop putting scary FBI warnings on movies. Everyone laughs at those, and I think that we should take law enforcement seriously. The way to do this is act more seriously. Copying a movie for a friend might be a shitty thing to do for the income of a celebrity, but it’s hardly on par with defrauding people out of their houses by robo-signing. So why is one thing a federal offense and another totally unforced?

Let’s just stop enforcing business law all together.

Also, we can stop with the corporate protections. We can still have corporations and charters; we need those because they make good things.

But we should stop shielding the people who buy into them from being sued because it looks like people are doing this so they can get away with hurting people with no consequence. You buy a stock and the company gets sued, well, it’s your company.

This will promote personal responsibility, one of the mantras I love best from the tea bagger movement. Before you invest in a stock, you should check things out very carefully or your house is on the line to pay for the medical bills the next time they decide to cheap things out and to server over heated coffee.

There you have it, green and black tea in your mouth at the same time!

2 Responses to “Green and Black Tea Party”

  1. Steve A Says:

    Actually, what you say sounds a lot what the Tea Party people I know say and not so much like what professional pols that want our support say. Does that make both of us “Tea Baggers?”

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