Externalized Mitigation

I’m not a libertarian because I think that their views are mainly selfish and show a lack of understanding of human nature.

However, I do like one of their sayings which is “My rights begin where your rights end.”

To me, this means that I can do whatever I want as long as I don’t take your rights away.

That usually works except when it comes to motor vehicle traffic.

Here’s the thing. I really want dedicated cycling infrastructure.

Not because I can’t all ready use the roads, anyone can ride their bike on a well formed road.

The main reason is that automobiles are annoying and scary.

The thing is that NOBODY thinks of them as being the problem.

Everytime you have a safety lesson, it’s where the victim didn’t take care of themselves.

It’s a total blame of the victim.

For example, we are responsible for wearing bright clothes.


Because if we don’t, motorists might kill us.

That’s pretty harsh, don’t you think? Death for the wrong wardrobe? Sounds like a backward, and insane religious theocracy.

But no, we are _different_ from an insane, theocracy because we don’t mean to kill you, it’s an accident.

Really? How so?

Before you get into a car, you know it’s dangerous. Streets are not inherently safe for pedestrians and cyclists.

If they were, I wouldn’t have to continuously live in a state of paranoia like I do now.

I’ll repeat this, I live in a constant state of paranoia not unlike a child in a war zone who has to watch out for mine zones, stray bullets, and sexual predator soldiers.

Can you just walk into any street without looking, wearing black with no lights and be safe?

Why not?

Because you will be killed.

I think I should have the right to NOT be killed. I don’t think it’s reasonable that I have to mitigate the problems that automobiles cause. Making me constantly having to check and double check for some moron on their cell phone is IMPINGING ON MY RIGHTS.

Which rights?

Well don’t I have a reasonable right to live?

Another example is disease. Disease is caused by nature and we have drugs and immunizations to lessen the risk.

Wild animals are another problem that humans have greatly reduced.

So why is the US government spending billions to make it more likely for us to die if we don’t dress a certain way and look around all the time like scared mice?

It should be the responsibility to each individual to mitigate the harm that they cause. 100% mitigated, not 50% not 10%.

That means, I should NEVER hear a car engine if I don’t want. I should never have to look around for a car. I should never have to carry lights and all kinds of other crap on my bicycle if I don’t want to.

But it’s really hard to mitigate automobile related problems.

So what?

It’s hard for me to control myself when walking by someone eating an ice cream cone but that doesn’t make it OK for me to take their ice cream.

But the economy will collapse if I don’t pollute as much as possible.


I’d like to meet this economy person who is the scape goat for other people’s selfishness.

From what I learned, “economy” meant exchanging goods and services in an mutually beneficially way. I see no benefit to noise, smoke, and death. Perhaps I’m stupid or I am looking at smog at all the wrong ways. Most people think that traffic noises are awesome which is why I see people picnicing right along the 8. 🙂

The point is that I don’t have the answers. But I get really angry when people create a shitty situation for me then they bitch when we have to spend a fraction of their subsidies on mitigating the problem that they created in the first place.

So the next time someone moans about the high cost of facilities say “no” that’s the high cost of our auto-centric world. Facilities for bicycle and pedestrians, only, would be a fraction of the cost of the auto-centric infrastructure. I mean the cost of socialized housing for cars, aka free parking, alone could pay for significant improvements in our infrastructure.


One Response to “Externalized Mitigation”

  1. DanaPointer Says:

    Amen. well said, how about at least couple of car free blocks in and around Balboa Park for example. Separated bicycle tracks elsewhere as soon as possible ofcourse.

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