I Can Google Now! (Screed)

Hey! Regular readers, no need to read this. You are intelligent enough to know all of what I’m going to say.

This post is aimed at the stupid people who whine about me, and others about our “failure to cite data.”

In debates with people (VC/Quislings, I’m looking at you) continue to claim that I (and my friends) fail to cite data.

That’s really, really funny. Here’s why.

There’s this invention called the internet that doesn’t have everything, but it does have a lot of really, really good data including the most up to date scholarly papers, many of which are available for FREE!

Wait! There’s more.

There’s this other awesome invention called google.com. This is a URL, uniform resource locator. You type it into that bar thingie at the top of the program known as a “web browser” such as IE (for those still reading) or chrome, opera, lynx, or firefox (for those who have rolled their eyes and stopped reading long ago.)

Here’s the skinny. You go to google.com and type in your question. You will get THOUSANDS of hits.

Most lazy people, like me, will only read the first few.

Read ’em!


Now profit! 🙂

There’s your data!

You’ll notice that many of my pronouncements that I make match up with the data found on google!

Isn’t that nuts?

Sometimes we don’t agree. That’s because real world experiments are messy. Things differ,in cycling, from place to place and time to time. (Which is, incidentally, why you need to update your cycling safety classes). 🙂

Oh, and that other stuff which can not be proven by experiments? That, my friend, is called an opinion. Again, yours and mine may differ.

That’s OK. But since it’s my blog; it’s my house. 🙂


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