More On Orlando

First of all, I was mistaken about the combination of sidewalk riding and bike lane deaths. Actually bike lanes accounted for 5% of deaths while the travel lane was 40%.

Additionally, I  clarified dooring data because I was still astounded that nobody had been doored to death in Orlando in the period specified.

Here’s the response from MetroPlan Orlando:

“Dooring is a relatively rare event in metro Orlando, as there are relatively few commercial arterials and collectors with parallel, on-street parking.  Most of our area developed during the 70s, 80s and 90s when on-street parking was not considered to be a normal (let alone desirable) street function.  I can only think of three doorings (that I’ve been made aware of) in my 27 years here.  One in which I witnessed the aftermath (cyclist on the pavement, with fortunately minor injuries).  Another reported to me by the victim (who did not report it to the police) that took place in a door-zone bike lane (also minor injuries).  The third involved a passenger-side door opening into that same door-zone bike lane (which was reported to the police).”


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