Bicycle Advocacy Racism

To deal with a big problem, I called in some bigger guns. I sent an email to Smooth995, who makes great youtube videos:


Below is the letter:


I googled about this problem for a while, but I have failed to find an adequate way to explain this (really simple) concept.

Now, I could be wrong, but I think that appropriating the long hard battles for civil rights in order to use to defend a cycling racers right to race on public roads is offensive.

Am I off base?

To give you some background, there’s a term in the community that I consider to be a loaded word which is “segregated facilities” (sic) which just means a bike lane:

Here’s a really bad quote:

“Lastly, about Ollie’s “pipe dread”… L.A. has tried the center of the road separated bike routing, other cities are trying to find ways to segregate bicycling from motor vehicle traffic. My take, separate ain’t equal.”

So my questions for you are;

1. Is this racist? Or am I just overly sensitive?

2. If it _is_ racist, how do I explain this?

It’s getting to the point that the term is more and more entrenched, and I’d like to nip this garbage before it’s too late.

3. I so love your videos. I’d love to see one on this topic.


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