Five Lies Your Quisling “Advocate” Told You

I am limiting myself to five because I’m a busy guy. I might address more later.

1. “People want infrastructure because it enhances safety.”

I’m so sick of hearing this.

Yes, infrastructure is much safer than “taking the lane” on a cloverleaf interchange. We know this from data, from experience, and from common sense.

However, other reasons that are given for wanting infrastructure are totally ignored because Quislings know that if they address them, they will lose the argument.

Our desire for infrastructure is due to desire for comfort and for good manners.

Let’s look at comfort. Nobody argues we should give up indoor plumbing and indoor heating. But I can teach a class on how you can live without it. I know a mental game you can play so it’s AWESOME to live outdoors with the bears. But I don’t do that because it’s retarded to give up our material comforts.

Those of us who have enjoyed the material comfort of cycle tracks know that this is our opinion, only. It’s like toppings for a pizza. There’s no right answer.

You can probably figure out the healthiest toppings for a pizza, but I want anchovies. I’ll take the nitrates and mercury, thank-you.

Also, due to manner because we feel that a single cyclist holding up traffic is bad manners. We all have differing views on manners and will never 100% agree. So again, this argument can not be defeated because it’s a personal opinion.

My opinion happens to be held by the vast majority of motorists and cyclists.

So if someone brings up the nonsense above, kindly cut n’ paste this argument ad nauseum. Then move on with your day.

This topic over and done, and I don’t EVER want to hear this canard again.

2. “VC cycling is the ONLY safe way to ride a bicycle.”

VC cycling is highly arrogant, stupid, and dangerous. I NEVER see anyone riding vesicularly in almost 15 years of cycling.

I am actually on the look-out for people riding like this in the wild. I’d like to take photos of it and hang it in a gallery like a zoo of strange human behavior.

3. “If you are for infrastructure or you oppose VC then you don’t know how to ride a bicycle.”

I have challenged many VC cyclists to come to San Diego and to show me how my commute would be AWESOME if I rode vehicularly.

Particularly, I’d like to sit down on Fairmount and have a picnic and let them show me now that we have a LOUD road with no alternatives, things are great.

Thanks to all those of you who fought against the bicycle by-pass that would have made my commute safer, more fun, and quieter.

The funny thing is that during this picnic, if you live to get there, I won’t be able to hear all your brilliant arguments. This is because the road is too loud.

Loud noises and noxious smells are some of the few stimuli that humans will NEVER acclimate to. They will always be annoying.

4. “Research shows that bike infrastructure is inherently unsafe. It can NEVER be made safe.”

Really? I have never seen this research. I have seen research on the racist “segregated cycling” Wikipedia page which says the opposite of the quotation.

One of my New Year’s goals is to join the page and set things right! 🙂

I don’t have time to get into all the details, but the upshot is that there are no massive fatalities in places like Portland, Longbeach, NYC, Copenhagen, and many other cities which built infrastructure.

Thus, I’m not asserting that infrastructure need to be safe to be built (even though it is safe). I just feel that it must be shown to not be any more dangerous than what we have built all ready. Currently, our traffic safety on roads which follow the law, for cyclists who follow the law, is bad. That is a fact.

Finally, the whole notion that American engineers can not build bike lanes safely is insulting to engineers, cyclists, and Americans in general. They did it elsewhere, and they can do it here. Make safe, fun, and comfortable infrastructure.

5. “Cycling infrastructure is “illegal” because it’s not in the vehicle code. Building infrastructure opens a city up to liability risk.”

First of all, the vehicle code is a book of guidelines not some iron rule which we must all obey.

The actual law says that road design is in the engineer’s discretion.

Further more, the vehicle code is constantly evolving. It wasn’t given to us by Moses from on high.

Engineers like to innovate. This innovation has given us all the mechanical and electrical things that we enjoy. Allowing them to innovate on the roads have given us freeways and stop signs. We didn’t always have any of these things.

In the future, we are going to look back and everything going to look barbaric and primitive. The only question is how FAST innovation goes.

There have been a few court cases where cities have been sued for liability for infrastructure that has killed people. They have been tossed out of court. Thus, there’s a legal precedent protecting cycling infrastructure.

Finally, there has been at least one lawsuit by a family who’s family member died because they did NOT build infrastructure.

So in terms of legal liability NOT building things is actually more risky than building things.

In summary, I’m sick of reading the same garbage ad nauseum.

I know that this is mainly my fault for caring to read about cycling online at all. But overall, I do this out of love and as a public service to correct the lies that have been sputtering around the Internet since its inception.

Please stop.


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