Repair Notes: Crank Arm Extractor

Front Cassette Extracted

Front Cassette Extracted

Longtime readers know that I had previously had been fixing my bicycle.

I am happy to announce that it’s almost (that’s right almost) done!

I have only to tune the gears which is something that I have a lot of (painful) practice with.

Last night, it was the icing on the cake.

I finally got my crank arm extractor tool. I got the good one, but it still only cost $17 which is well worth having a tool I’ll use over and over again.

Using it was easy. Just take off the outer nut with a hextool. Note that I needed to use a hammer on this. Thankfully, this and the rest of the job followed the usual counter-clockwise pattern.

One I banged this open, I screwed in the crank arm extractor. Again, I needed to use a hammer. The directions try to scare you because they say that if you don’t get it 100% screwed in, you will damage threads. This was not true for me. I could not bang it in all the way so I just gave up and moved on.

The next step has us screw in the smaller inner nut on crank arm extractor. This needed a hammer as well. I failed before because I failed to realize that more force is OK.

Finally, the crank arm just came off. What a blessed relief.

Getting the other one on was easy. However, my front derailler was improperly installed. Intead of fixing it like I should have, I got princess to held jimmy it into place.

Finally, I took changed my pedal which was easy.

The next day when I went to ride, I realized a few things.

First was that pedals are supposed to be 180 degrees apart by mine were more like 30 degrees. The crank arm will go on all wrong if you are dumb enough, like me, to do so.

It was funny almost falling off my bike because I could not pedal.

So I had a rushed mess the next morning. Fortunately, I knew how to do all this so it was easy.

When I got things hooked up, I realized that my derailler was getting damaged because it was too long. I should not have jimmied things last night. So I raised this which was easy, too, just a hex nut.

Finally, I had it all together.

With no time to tune derailler, I still have second gear only, but it’s much, much faster with the new, strong teeth of the front (and back) cassettes!

I’m so happy.


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